A successful eroFame for Kama Sutra

The eroFame has been very successful for Kama Sutra, the company presented its new concept for the iconic Oil of Love, showed a new package design and gave visitors the possibility to talk to the stars of the American HQ Marla Lee and David Braff.
The new concept and marketing of the iconic Oil of Love has been received very will by visitors. Everyone simply loved it. The Oil of Love is an oil which can be used on erogenous zones of the body. Once the drop is smeared out, you can blow on it to warm it up. Which gives a sensational feeling. The new smaller packaging of the product makes the products easier to buy for customers. Only a small amount is needed, so the new smaller bottles with droppers will go a long way. The concept around it is to create a desert, cocktail or cake, by mixing the Oil of Love flavours. This is a fun way to experience the Oil of Love and foreplay in a whole new way. Visitors who’ve tried this at Kama Sutra’s booth have experienced this for themselves.
What stands out is that the visitors all loved the overall concept of Kama Sutra. Which the company has been working on very hard. Products have new packaging and they’ve paid a lot of attention to mix and match products to enlarge the all-over experience of the brand.
The company states: “We loved meeting everyone at the fair, it was such a pleasure to get valuable feedback and we’re thrilled that our new changers have been received so well. To all who visited us at the eroFame, thank you so much for you time and we hope to see you again.”