Brazil holds the 1st Sexuality, Health and Intimacy Business Fair

The first sexuality, health and intimacy aimed fair in Brazil – ÍNTIMI Expo at Anhembi – will be held between 25th and September 27th in São Paulo. The event will feature the participation of 72 leading brands and have an estimated 2000 visitors per day, including visitors from China, India, United States, Argentina and Italy.

Following international trends in consumption and growth – like the US and Germany – Brazil shows a positive outlook on the erotic segment, recording 8.5% growth in 2014. In Brazil, this market accounts for 125,000 direct and indirect jobs, 80% held by women (door-to-door sellers, homemakers, entrepreneurs, consultants: these are only 80,000 registered throughout Brazil). “Last year (2014), we sold about 9.5 million units per month, with average sales of R $ 8.00 to drive wholesale,” says Paula Aguiar, CEO of the „Brazilian Association of Erotic and Sensual Market“ (ABEME).

“It was from my research and publications on lingerie and sensual market – interviews and contacts with associations and businessmen in the sector – I’ve had detected the actual sexuality, health and intimacy profile’s segment,” said journalist Susi Guedes who is also responsible for events that hold business exchange and incentives for Fashion and for seniors.

Susi also says that INTIMI EXPO has all the necessary elements to prepare professionals who are already on the market or even those who think to undertake in this area. So, industry professionals and SEBRAE (Brazilian Support Service for Small and Micro Enterprises) have been invited to offer consulting and lectures ranging addressing topics such as E-commerce, Customer Service, Sales, Customer Relationship, How to Open a New Business, Entrepreneurship, certification. In addition, answers to questions about sexuality, health and behaviors will be given.

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