CLS Healthcare is attending the Adult Care Expo in Shanghai

A new year, a new stand from CLS Healthcare at the Adult-Care Expo in Shanghai! Last year’s visit was such a success that the brand couldn’t pass on this opportunity to appear again. This year, they’ll be bringing in their experiences and inspiration from the previous edition to make sure their stand shines even brighter than last year. The team will be bringing along even more products to the Expo. To make sure their Dutch Spirit inspires all the visitors they’ll be bringing six brands to showcase for everyone. In their branch, the ADC Expo is one of thé biggest annual events. This chance and opportunity to showcase themselves and their products in the best way is something they couldn’t pass on. That’s why this year’s CLS stand will be even better, more beautiful and even more inspirational than last year. To top it off, there’ll be a big reveal from CLS Healthcare as a grand finale. Would you like to book an appointment at the CLS stand? Please contact for more information.