EDC Wholesale returns overjoyed from eroFame

The EDC Wholesale team returned overjoyed after three successful days at the eroFame Trade Convention in Hanover. “This was our best show ever!” Said Eric Idema (CEO) “We would like to thank all the visitors for taking the time and effort to meet with us and to see our new collections.” The company introduced 4 new collections and many new additions to the existing brands, with over 300 new items.

EDC Wholesale has grown rapidly this past year and has become one of the largest wholesalers in Europe, which did not go by unnoticed. Visitors were curious to see the new developments of the wholesaler and massively dropped by the EDC Wholesale booth to get to know the new brands and products.

“We appreciate personal contact with the visitors of eroFame as the feedback we get on our service is highly valuable.” Said Andre Visser, International Sales Director. “We received positive feedback to our booth, on the look and feel of the packaging, presentation and product assortment of the brands we launched during the show. This is a great compliment as the team has worked very hard to put these brands together and really thought it through.”

The Holland-based wholesaler started the show by accepting an award for ‘Best Marketing Campaign 2017’ from Sign Magazine during an award show on Tuesday, a day prior to the trade show. “Opening the trade show after receiving this award really gave us a great buzz”, said Andre Visser. “We welcomed many visitors to our booth and it was busy all day, every day. The visitors were excited to meet our new team member, Carl Prent. We are very happy to have him on board ”

On the opening day of the eroFame show, Eric Idema (CEO) and Andre Visser received two more awards from EAN for the companies latest house-brand Sinner Gear ‘Best New Fetish Collection’ and for the EasyToys Fetish line ‘Best Selling Collection’.

“I am extremely proud to have received these 3 awards”, said Eric Idema. “Our team has worked very hard this past year to develop outstanding house-brands. The beautiful packaging designs, the great product quality, and the affordable pricing is a perfect match for retailers. We appreciate their trust in us and for offering our collections to their customers. We will continue to develop new collections and add new brands to our assortment in order to become the next one-stop-shop wholesaler. We value everyone’s feedback on the products we presented at eroFame, so far we heard nothing but positive responses on the appearance and quality of the products. It’s been a great show and we can’t wait to see the products in-store!”

The highlight of the show was the newest house-brands. The eroFame audience raved about the concise collection from Boners and its beautiful and distinguished package designs. The brand is specifically designed for the male body but can be enjoyed together. Sinner Gear introduced the series ‘Unbendable’, a fetish collection of cold hard steel for the more experienced user. The beautiful packaging and the magnificent product line got great responses from the audience. The Lovebox collection with 12 different gift sets got compliments for its look and extensive variety to choose from. The Lovebox will be available in January , in time for Valentine. FPPR offers a collection of discreet masturbators for the traveling man, which is pointed out by the world-map displayed on the packaging. Visitors especially praised the EDC Wholesale design team for creating a beautiful packaging for the house-brands.