Get ready to be seduced this Scala Fair Party

The upcoming Scala Fair Party on Sunday the 6th of September is promising to be the hottest, most exotic party to date. Adhering to the ‘Tropical Temptations’ themed fair, the festivities will have exciting and seductive tropical touches: like a must-see snake-show! Scala can’t reveal all the details yet, as they still want to be able to surprise the visitors at the upcoming Scala Fair Party. However, they can announce there will be a spectacular snake-show: where an exotic beauty will charm the guests with her dancing skills, as well as charming the snake with her hottest moves! The Scala Fair Party will be hosted in the Scala Playhouse showroom restaurant. The party commences at 6pm, lasting into the early hours of the morning. The Scala Playhouse team value each and every one of the visitors, and will therefore make sure that every need is attended to! They’ll serve up delicious drinks, scrumptious snacks and amazing entertainment.