Great ANME Founders Show for pjur

ANME, the adult manufacturers expo recently held in Burbank, CA exceeded pjur USA’s sales and attendance expectations. This show for pjur was centered around pjur’s high quality anal formulas pjur Back Door and pjur analyse me! products. The formulas are made with natural ingredients that help relax muscle tissue, which yields more comfortable sex in this sensitive area. “The products are claimed as first choice for lubricants from random calls to various retail stores from coast to coast and asking store level managers and sales people”, reported Richie Harris, CEO of pjur group USA. “With near 100 per cent of every store called reporting pjur as #1. The Pleasure Chest and Hustler stores as well as Adam and Eve stores were called, naming just a few. Overwhelmingly, pjur was the top choice and sometime only choice.”

The ANME Founders Show for pjur was nearly fully booked with accounts working on expanding their pjur assortments to include these products and others. “There were approximately 70 time slots of 30 minutes and we worked 63 of these slots”, said Richie Harris. “I was so busy with clients that I did not get to walk the show this year as it was just not possible.”

Alexander Giebel, CEO and founder of pjur, was more than impressed with the presentation and performance of the pjur USA team: “The pjur brand has gained the complete respect of the industry at every level as the leader in quality and reliability in a very crowded classification. The pjur brand is more than thankful for all of the support for the brand.” pjur group USA says, they are looking forward to July when some fantastic new products will be launched.