New Year’s greetings from eroFame

Dear visitors and exhibitors, dear eroFame community!

On behalf of eroFame, our team, and the members of the advisory board, we wish you a happy New Year 2021!

2020 gave us all a big headache as corona turned our lives upside down, and the virus will continue to keep us busy for some time to come. Here is hoping we all make it through the rest of this pandemic in good health and good spirits. As for the economic effects: Some trade members are fighting for their lives, others have benefitted from the situation. 

When we talk to the market players, we often hear that erotic products have been in higher demand during the lockdown phases than they normally are. That has served as a silver lining to some of us – at least on the economic front – as we are stuck under this oppressive cloud.

Of course, we also want to express our sympathy with the bricks and mortar retailers who have suffered a devastating blow as a result of the implemented lockdowns.

We hope that things will be looking up for you very soon.

… and we are confident that they will.

With vaccines rolling out as we speak, things will start changing in a major way over the course of the next few months, and we believe that, by summer, a process of recovery and reinvigoration will have begun. Therefore, we have decided to fully commit to eroFame 2021 and come March, we will begin with the preparations for the trade convention that is scheduled to take place on October 06 to 08, 2021.

Even now, we are highly motivated, and we look forward to kicking eroFame into high gear again!

Until then, we will obviously continue to keep you up to date on the latest developments in the industry.

On this note: Take good care of yourself!

Yours truly

The eroFame team and Wieland Hofmeister