No need for changes to the eroFame concept

In a newsletter to all exhibitors of the erotic trade fair eroFame the organizer of the show commented on a planned meeting of the eroFame task force, which should have enabled the participants to actively participate in the fair’s development, as follows:

Dear exhibitors and partners of eroFame,

We, as the organisers of eroFame have always taken the task to heart allowing longtime exhibitors to take part in the development process of the leading b2b trade show within the international erotic branch. Therefore, we developed the idea of a so called eroFame task force to which we invited all fair participants.

Your feedback towards this idea was surprisingly overwhelming and encouraged us to keep on track:

The invited ones generously replied to our request and gave us great credit for calling upon this opportunity – nevertheless, the majority came out in favour of keeping the main concept of eroFame, as it would be well-rounded and complete – an additional task force would not be needed: eroFame will stay as established as it is right now!

Due to that and few registrations, the scheduled event in March won’t take place – only three companies positively replied towards this event; individual issues will be handled within one-on-one conversation in the near future.

Also, we insisted on integrating further fair highlights starting from eroFame 2018 – of which more later… just allow yourself to be surprised.

Thank you very much for your trust, we wish you great business and a good time until it says again:

Welcome to eroFame 2018 in Hanover!

With this in mind,
Best regards,

Your eroFame-Team
by Wieland Hofmeister & Huda Lutz