Original AQUAglide Massage + Glide was awarded with the EAN Award ‘Best 2in1 Product’

JOYDIVISION is not only known for its top sellers in lubricants, but also the massage products from JOYDIVISION are very popular with consumers. One of the AQUAglide combination products for massage and gliding has recently been awarded the EAN Award.

Oliver Redschlag, CEO of JOYDIVISION international AG, is pleased and reports: “For 25 years our company has distinguished itself by optimizing the BIOglide and AQUAglide brands according to the needs, attitudes and wishes of the users. The repeated awards confirm us in our work and reward the use of unique recipes and the highest quality raw materials”.

The water-based original AQUAglide Massage + Glide has ideal massage properties for the whole body application, is latex condom compatible and pH-optimized for the perfect intimate balance. The delicate caring texture is oil-free and easy to wash off.