PalmPower Wins “Best Product Line” Award at EroFame

BMS Factory, parent company to the award-winning Swan, Leaf, PalmPower and PowerBullet brands, has declared eroFame another great success. PalmPower won the award for Best Product Line 2015. The newly debuted PalmPower Recharge is a cordless version of the Original PalmPower boasting around 90% of the Original’s power and is also completely rechargeable with a convenient USB cable.

To add  further value to both PalmPower and PalmPower Recharge, there are now eight interchangeable PalmPower Attachments to enhance the experience with different sensations such as specialty clitoral, g-spot and even general massage heads. Steve Bannister, President of BMS Factory/Swan would like to extend his appreciation to the organizers of eroFame for another successful show. “It’s a great show for everyone in the industry to get together for some good business and good times,” Steve said. “It’s a show that our whole team looks forward to every year”. For more information on BMS’ brands, please visit