Pipedream wins 3 AdultEX Awards

Pipedream Products won three AdultEX Awards in Australia this week. The company was honored with Best New Product Range for their new male-centric PDX Elite line, as well as Manufacturer of the Year. Pipedream Products also won the Customer’s Company Choice Award, which is chosen by retailers based on product range, customer service, marketing, sales team, and best all-around service to their retailers.

“It is always an honor to be recognized, but this year and the ‘Customer’s Company Choice Award’ was really special,” stated Briana Honz, Senior Sales Executive at Pipedream. “We always aim to provide the best service to our customers and this award signifies that.”

The Pipedream Team, along with other Diamond Products brands Jimmyjane and Sir Richard’s, has been rocking the 13th annual AdultEX this week, showcasing new products like the award-winning PDX Elite line, and connecting with new and existing customers Down Under.

“I am very proud of our team and the work they have done to build such strong relationships with our Australian customers,” stated Pipedream Chairman and CEO Nick Orlandino. “We aim to build the best products at a good price and offer the best service to our customers. These awards are an honor and proof of the Dream Team’s capabilities!”