Raspberry Dream Labs hosts London Weekend of Sex Robots

Raspberry Dream Labs (RDL) is hosting a panel and party on December 12 and 13, themed around sex robots. Both are taking place in London, England. Both events will feature the most customizable sex doll from LoveDolls.

The panel will discuss sex robots exploring arguments for and against the industry, discussing issues of consent and psychoanalysis, and offering a sneak peek into the manufacturing process. Key speakers include pro-sex robot advocate and author of Love and Sex with Robots, David Levy, Ph.D. student Isabel Millar, Munich-based sociologist Dr.Tanja Kubes and CEO of RealDoll (Abyss Creations LLC) Matt McMullen.

Alongside the panel events, RDL has been working on multi-sensory research. Back in September, a study was conducted where participants were immersed in virtual reality (VR) erotic experience, enhanced with haptic and olfactory stimulation. Participants were also invited to Raspberry Dream Lab’s launch party, where they were able to indulge in sexual VR experiences and performances. The next party, a Pre-Launch of “UNSENSORED nights”, follows the sex robot panel on December 13.

This party will incorporate immersive entertainment and performances that extend sexual experiences with the use of technology. Spread across the main floor and hidden rooms, this hedonistic playground will stimulate all of the human senses in the most unpredictable and unusual ways. During this night guests will also be able to experience multi-sensory playroom which was designed by RDL specifically for this occasion with a limited capacity of 13 slots for 26 people.

Both events are parts of the “UNSENSRED series”- a project designed to make sexuality and technology available for everyone, addressing the issues of repressed desires, empathy, human connection, and sexual wellbeing. By raising awareness on multi-facet areas of sex-tech industry, engaging people in the sensory self-exploration, increasing and improving sexual wellbeing, we are building a future-orientated community of like-minded individuals and creating a better understanding of what a sexual experience means for humans, aside from reproduction.