Raspberry Dream Labs is hosting their 5th ‘UNSENSORED talks’

‘Wellbeing’ and ‘wellness’ are trending words, especially on social media platforms, but sexual health and wellness go beyond the trend. Our sexuality, physical or mental, has a direct effect on our performance, behaviour and relationships with ourselves and others. Extended Reality (XR) offers a safe space where people can have total sexual autonomy. It has the potential for the treatment of sexual disorders and treatment for victims of sex crimes. During this event, we will identify what is XR and how far it can stretch into the real-life, discuss and show how therapists and psychologists use XR for their practices, how multisensory technologies and XR can enhance our sexual wellbeing and how we can integrate technology into healthy sex life.

Event speakers include VulVR – a webVR experience illuminating womXn on pleasure, education and sexual wellness – represented by Sarah Ticho, Indira Knight, & Dr. Jessica Stone, Do You app – a sexual wellness and discovery platform – represented by Elayne Safir & Meli Chamorro, Heather Morrison from Handi – a brand creating sex toys designed for the disabled community and a pelvic health physical therapist Uchenna Ossai. The event hosted by the founder of Raspberry Dream Labs Angelina Aleksandrovich

The event will be held in RDL’s virtual world – Raspberry Dream Land – hosted on the the social VR platform AltspaceVR. To attend the event the audience will need either HTC Vive; Oculus Rift, Go, and Quest; Samsung GearVR; Windows Mixed Reality; or a Windows PC. There is no official way to access the platform using MacBook, but RDL found their ways around it

This event is a part of the “UNSENSORED series”- a project designed to grow community, brand and subject awareness by building strong emotional connections with our audience through multiple interactive touchpoints. “UNSENSORED series” is unraveling how multi-sensory technologies are re-defining and revolutionizing sexual experiences, engaging people in the sensory exploration, increasing and improving sexual wellbeing through the series of talks, workshops & parties. We are building a future-orientated community of like-minded individuals and creating a better understanding of what a sexual experience means for humans, aside from reproduction.