Rocks Off launch new ranges at AMNE 2018

Rocks Off will present their new additions to both the 10 speed RO 90’s and the Bamboo ranges at ANME in January 2018. “We’ve given our next releases a lot of thought not just in how we’ve branded but how we’ve applied the colour ways and finishes. These next additions perfectly show case our ability to bring exquisitely packaged products that sit comfortably along -side what is currently trending in the main stream at very affordable prices,” the company said. “Soft pastels with velvet touch finishes sit beautifully in our new packaging and stylish till point displays, along- side vibrant metallic and clever geometric prints. Our bullets are exceptional and now they really are things of beauty that bring pleasure to all the senses from the very first look, feel and sensual touch!”

Rock Off will also release two new anal products – VorteX and ToreX – that are part of their new Men-X range along with the multi-function C ring RemiX. Further additions to the Men-X range will be released throughout the year. Rocks Off will be on ANME booth L3 and L4. Further information: Jane Levy or Sham Galoria