ST Rubber Promo eroFame

ST RUBBER won two awards at the eroFame fair

The first award won by ST Rubber went to the brand MALESATION in the category “Best Product Line – Category Male Toys”. The company also received another award in the “Best New Glass Line 2016” category for its own brand JOYRIDE GlassiX.

“The show was a great success for us. It can not be said otherwise,“ confirms Werner Tiburtius, one of ST RUBBER’s two managing directors. “Our booth was more than well attended. Our mobile hot dog bar was totally emptied. In our ‘Happy Einlochen’ – golf game, there were six lucky winners. And of course, we are very happy about the the two awards!”

Once again, the managing directors were personally present at the fair and supported the ST RUBBER fair team: “The market exploration is one thing. You have to remain curious, especially in our industry,” says Adrian Schneider, adding: “But the special thing about fairs like eroFame is the direct contact with our partners and our customers. That is why I am speaking to the whole team when I say: Thanks to all visitors, interested people and basically curious people for the good time We look forward to the eroFame 2017!”