Successful premiere for the ‘eroFame goes public’ concept

The infa, Germany’s largest information and sales exhibition in Hanover, is still open until 21st October, but already Wieland Hofmeister, managing director of the Mediatainment Publishing eroFame GmbH, draws a more than positive conclusion of the premiere of the ‘eroFame goes public’ concept. “I would like to say that we have made a really decent start,” he explains in regard of the good response from the fair visitors to the new theme area ‘modern feelings’ created by infa. On an area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 1,000 square meters, companies and brands will be exhibiting at a joint stand until Sunday, which is not only dedicated to product presentation, but also offers space for live music, fashion shows, raffles and lectures. “At the first trade show weekend, our joint stand was bursting at the seams – several thousand visitors strolled through the ‘modern feelings area’,” says a pleased Hofmeister. “The first ‘modern feelings’ has shown that in any case there is a need for a ‘clean’ erotic fair that meets the modern lifestyle.”