System JO Offers Exclusive Show Discount for eroFame Participants

System JO has an October surprise in store for customers who place orders with them at the eroFame Global Trade Show taking place in Hanover, Germany from October 9-11, 2019. They are extending an additional 10% discount on all new items launched in 2019.

“We wanted to do something big for our customers at eroFame this year,” says Becky Buffham, Regional Manager of System JO / United Consortium Europe. “We’re so proud of our new lines that have debuted globally this year, so we thought why not extend an offer that not only rewards our loyal buyers, but also makes the eroFame show even more exciting and fun.”

The products in this exclusive offer include JO’s brand-new Flavored Arousal Gels which have been receiving a steady stream of positive feedback as reaction rolls in. The gels come in two tasty choices: Mint Chip Chill, which has a rich chocolate mint flavored and a cool, tingling effect and Sweet Berry Heat, which warms to an erotic intensity with a sweet strawberry flavor. The discount also applies to Tri Me Triple Packs, Candy Shop, DONA Essential Oils, the full line of Bucked products for gay men and the upcoming revamped 2 to Tango Couples Kit.

“The products we’ve rolled out this year have skyrocketed in the marketplace,” Buffham says. “Bucked has been hugely successful with its unique catering to the needs of anal play, and our Candy Shop line is now in our top twenty bestsellers in Europe, as people love the fun flavors like Bubble Gum, Butterscotch, and Cotton Candy. Tri Me packs have also become very popular because people love the idea of a curated variety pack they can experiment with. Overall, it’s been a very strong year for our new offerings, and we’re celebrating with a show discount!”

Visit the System JO / United Consortium Booth #31 at eroFame to take advantage of this exclusive offer, only available to show participants. JO wants to reward eroFamers for another great year, and apply that extra 10% off current product pricing. All products are available through their exclusive distribution partner, Eropartner Distribution.