The Dodil announces industry debut at eroFame Hanover 2017

The Dodil announced their trade show debut at eroFame 2017 in Hannover, Germany. Based in Sweden and Cologne, Germany, the company has spent the prior year promoting their patent-pending product, the Dodil, to the consumer market. The October eroFame show will mark their first large-scale venture into the wholesale and retail space.

The Dodil is a heat-sensitive, mold-able dildo crafted in a medical-grade silicone exterior. Hailed as the “Swiss Army knife of dildos” by sex blogger Venus O’Hara, it is the first dildo that allows users to create their own uniquely individual pleasure product for penetration. Once heated, the Dodil can be hand-crafted into a multitude of shapes and then cooled to maintain hardness for solo or couples’ play. The product can be re-heated and cooled again and again for a novel experience with every play session.

“The response has been the same every time we have talked about the Dodil,” says Head of Communication Peter Gustavsson. “Everyone understands how revolutionary this technology is, and the immediate reactions from those who have received a sample are overwhelmingly positive. There are already retailers knocking on our door.”

eroFame’s international audience and eagerly anticipated product launches provides the perfect atmosphere to debut the Dodil to the wholesale pleasure industry, said the company. “When mapping out our marketing strategies last spring, we saw eroFame in October as an obvious milestone,” said Gustavsson. “Our booth will, in its’ simplicity, represent our humble attitude and focus on our amazing Dodil. Visitors will be able to experiment with hot Dodils and cold water in our kitchenette corner.”

Gustavsson and Head of Development Richard Almgren founded the Dodil on their shared values of superior quality, credibility, and ecological consciousness in sexual health products. The Dodil’s body-safe construction is 90% biodegradable and replaces the need for users to repeatedly purchase plastic pleasure products. “Richard and I are very Swedish, meaning we strongly believe in equality and diversity,” said Gustavsson. “We are thrilled, proud and yet humbled to present a product and brand where the adult toy adapts to the user and not the other way around. We’re putting the power of choice back where it belongs: in the hands of consumers.” For more information on the Dodil, retailers can contact Richard Almgren  or Peter Gustavsson.