The eroFame 2021 will not take place

This year’s eroFame, which was scheduled for November 3 to 5, has been cancelled. Due to the recently tightened regulations for travel in Corona times (e.g. entry and exit requirements as well as quarantine orders, especially for visitors from non-European countries), the advisory board has decided to postpone the eroFame 2021 until spring 2022. “We regret this decision very much, but as organizers we see ourselves obliged to our exhibitors to hold out the prospect of an acceptable number of visitors. However, the current situation gives rise to fears that there will be no trouble-free arrival and departure conditions in November. We would like to host the eroFame for all participants as successful as possible  – unfortunately, the pandemic is still preventing us from doing so,” explains Wieland Hofmeister, organizer of the eroFame.