The Screaming O celebrates 10th anniversary

The Screaming O team is still buzzing following an all-night 10th anniversary celebration, a gala that brought together a who’s-who of adult industry figures under the roof of the historic Edendale event space. Attendees enjoyed tarot readings, midnight In-n-Out hamburgers, live music and lovely company as The Screaming O staff danced, drank and toasted to the success of its tight-knit team.

“We wanted to set a precedent for industry events and host a party that represented The Screaming O’s 10-year milestone,” The Screaming O President and Founder Justin Ross said. “It was a lovely opportunity to celebrate our success with so many of our supporters from across the country and I’d like to thank everyone who was able to attend. It’s taken talent, drive and determination to get to where we are today, and I’m so proud of my team and what we’ve accomplished together. Here’s to another 10 years!” Invitations went out to many industry members who’ve been instrumental in the lasting success of The Screaming O, and with a decade under its belt, the company made a point to show the crowd an incredibly good time. In a shadowy corner of the back patio sat a talented tarot reader who spent the night providing insight into attendees’ careers, relationships and love lives. But the hit of the night was the interactive photo booth, which captured the industry’s lively and entertaining personalities in colorful photos now circulating social media streams.

“Never have I been to an L.A. party with so much to see, do and drink,” said Elle Chase, sex coach and lead educator of the Los Angeles Academy of Sex. “It’s been a pleasure getting acquainted with The Screaming O and I wish them the best as they start their next 10 years of sex toy success.” The Screaming O is embarking on its next decade of business with a focused manufacturing and marketing initiative dedicated to consumer trust. Promoting responsible manufacturing, quality control, and affordable sex-positive fun will be key to this important campaign with hands-on retail support remaining a top priority.

Here is a link to the photo gallery: