The Sexual Freedom Awards 2024 is back

Tickets for the 28th Annual Sexual Freedom Awards are now available to purchase. The event, hosted at Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush, London is one not to miss. Expect to see the cream of Strip Tease and other exciting performances from erotic cabaret, whilst celebrating the importance of sex workers and other allied professions within broader society. Funds from every ticket sale go towards the Outsiders Trust, a charity that campaigns for Disabled people to be sexually free.

The Sexual Freedom Awards is on a mission: to recognise excellence in erotic performance and sexual services, and celebrate pioneers in the field of sexuality. Award categories span from publicists, to strippers, to activists and more.Each year, the Awards reflect changing times by opening up new categories where necessary to adhere to developments in society.

The Golden Flying Penis Trophies, hand-carved for the event in Bali, are presented to the winners of each category. Like the Awards evening, the trophies are triumphant, glamorous, startling and rebellious. They stand proud for the rights to sexual expression for all genders of all abilities.

The Sexual Freedom Awards, first established in 1994 by Dr Tuppy Owens, were set up for two main reasons: To counter negative messages in the media about people working in sex and eroticism and to fund the work of the Outsiders Trust. The Outsiders Trust was the first organisation in the UK to distinctly champion and support every Disabled person’s right to be educated about sex and sexual health and to have lives that include the choice to have sexual relationships or simply enjoy erotic experiences.

Returning to host the evening will be the presenter of the podcast Pleasure Rebels and Hot Octopuss’ Creative Director, Disability and Inclusion Lead Kelly Gordon. Anyone (over the age of 18) is welcome to buy a ticket here, for an evening of entertainment, mixed with trophy presentations. To ensure the night reflects the Outsiders Trusts’ values of being inclusive, the Outsiders Trust works hard to ensure the venue is disability friendly and a BSL interpreter is available for those with impaired hearing. There is also an option to split the ticket cost so that people who may struggle with larger payments can attend.

Kelly Gordon, Compare and Disability and Inclusion Lead for the Awards said, “I am absolutely honoured to be invited back to host the Sexual Freedom Awards! It’ll be my Third time hosting and it is an event I look forward to every year. Oftentimes people assume that Disabled people are Asexual, and that Disabled people don’t date or wish to have intimate relationships. Even in 2024 there are still so many barriers to pleasure for us all (not just Disabled people) and working alongside the Sexual Freedom Awards to raise not only awareness but also funds for the Outsiders trust is so, so important!”

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