Tom Steward

Tom Stewart receives AdultEx’s Service To The Industry Award

“I was so surprised and am so honored to receive this Service to the Industry Award,” says Stewart. “I know someone in my office knew! Seriously though, what an honor to be recognized in this group of industry heavyweights.” At the end of his short acceptance speech Stewart thanked all the American, Australian and New Zealand troops for their dedicated service. He added, “Working with the veterans gives you a greater appreciation for life.”

Stewart’s admiration for, and dedication to, service men and women and those returning Veterans with different levels of disabilities comes naturally. Stewart himself served in the military for 20 years, first as a US Marine and then in the Navy. His ties to the armed forces is what pushed him to support the troops and to keep military couples connected with their “new” normal of intimacy. “Helping these men and women achieve some semblance of a normal sex life and improving the levels of intimacy for them and their spouses is what drives me to design new products that will keep these couples together for a long time to come”, says Tom. He adds, “if I can show one couple how to achieve a position that they have been unable to accomplish in the past – then it’s all worth it”. Stewart is also a big believer and participates in the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes – Road To Recovery. He continues to work towards bridging the gap between the “adult industry” and sexual health and wellness.