Cristel Le Coq

“All our products combine the latest technology and sensuality.”

French company E Sensory combines two trends that have dominated the erotic market lately: erotic literature – just think of the phenomenal success of Fifty Shades of Grey – and smartphone-controlled sex toys. The concept: You read an erotic story, and when the passion reaches a fever pitch in the story, the “Little Bird” will start vibrating. But how exactly does that work? And which other features can we expect from this interesting toy when it hits the shelves in February 2016? We turned to Christel Le Coq for answers to these questions.


Your product Little Bird is a vibrator with a twist: It can be “connected” to literature. How does this work and could you describe your product in more detail for us?
Christel Le Coq: The B.Sensory system includes a reading app and a sex toy synchronised via Bluetooth. Users just have to download the free app on their smartphone or tablet, select an erotic short story in “vibrating” version and start playing. A simple shake of the device, a caress, a blow on the screen to reveal the text will trigger the vibrations in accordance with the story. At any time, users can make the vibrations vary or replay the sequence. Users can also simply use the “remote control” of the app to experience thrills alone or with a partner.
Our sex toy is an original and elegant vibrating love egg named “Little Bird”. It was shaped with the best-possible G-spot stimulation in mind. We decided to work on a bullet shape and a size that will maximise sensations while at the same time being discreet, elegant, and comfortable to use. Moreover, its shape and size provide sensations even without vibration. And the motor has been specifically chosen to work at frequencies that enhance maximum stimulation. The plumes of the Little Bird are also a clear indication for women how to properly insert the toy. The slots below the sex toy’s edge enable easy handling. With ten customisable vibration patterns, the Little Bird offers a lot of options for creative play. The powerful and silent motor is moulded in silicone and its quietness enables women to discreetly enjoy it everywhere, alone or with a partner.

How did you come up with the idea of connecting novels to a sex toy?
As a great fan of erotic literature and modern technology I have always had the desire to combine the power of words to the potential of connected devices by creating a new way of reading and having fun alone with someone else.

Is Little Bird compatible with all erotic novels or just with a special selection? How does it know when to start vibrating?
This little bird will only work with novels specially transformed via our content creation platform by authors or publishers who have added tags on them. Readers have to interact with the text on the screen to trigger the Little Bird vibrations.

The Little Bird
The Little Bird

Is your company acting as a publisher for these erotic novels as well? What does an erotic story need, to “work” well with your toy? Does the language of the story play a role?
Yes, we act as publisher and we work with authors to display new content written specifically for our application. And our concept has also attracted leading French publishers such as “Musardine”, “J’ai lu”, or “Éditions Livrior” and independent erotic authors who sell their content directly on our website and through the B.Sensory application. All these partnerships will enable us to offer a wide range of content in classical and “vibrant” modes. Any novel could “work well” with our Little Bird, and our editorial director helps authors take advantage of these new way of writing. Authors willing to work with us need to read our submissions guidelines before sending us their stories.

In which languages will the novels and stories be released?
Our novels and stories will be released in French, English. We still have to see about other languages.

Can Little Bird be used with any kind of e-book reader out there, or do they need to fulfil certain specifications?
No, it does not work with all e-book readers. Users will have to download the B.Sensory app for free from the Apple Store or Play Store. Our app runs on iPad 3 or up, on iPhones 4S or up, on smartphones and tablets equipped with 4.3 (Jelly Bean) Android version and KitKat.

Little Bird does not look like a typical vibrator at first glance. What was particularly important for you with respect to design and functionality?
We carefully designed it with female wellness and pleasure in mind. Indeed, many women in the world would be interested in a love toy but feel intimidated by the idea of buying one. So we have kept the design of our Little Bird as pure and simple as possible.


Does your app also work without a story? What about long distance connectivity?
Yes, you can also simply use the “remote control” mode of the app to feel thrills alone or with a partner. Users can also communicate with a partner, and/or give them control of Little Bird via the app. We have worked hard to avoid connectivity issues that are frequently experienced with other wearable sex toys. Existing internal vibrators feature a reliable connectivity range of 1-3 feet. With its particular design, the connectivity of Little Bird overcomes all the obstacles that could result in a lost connection. And if two phones are connected to the Internet (either through data or WiFi), Little Bird can be used at any distance from your partner’s phone.

Are you planning to create a connection with other media like movies or graphic novels in the future?
Our first service is dedicated to connected erotic literature, but our content creation platform allows content producers to inject sensations, emotions, and meaning into every device (not only pleasure products) compliant with our technology. At the moment, we work in partnership with Audible, an Amazon audio subsidiary, to develop an audio-sensorial reading product.

Cristel Le Coq (Photo by Olivier Ezratty)
Cristel Le Coq (Photo by Olivier Ezratty)

When will Little Bird be released and how much will it cost?
Our Little bird will be introduced to the market in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day! At the moment, this little bird is available for pre-order directly from our website till December, 31. By pre-ordering it now, customers can get it at 99 € instead of 119 €.

Are you working with distributors in Europe?
We are only just closing a deal with French distributors and are looking for European commercial partners.

Are there certain requirements business partners or distributors have to meet in order for you to work with them?
We bring high-quality and innovative products to the market that are beautifully designed and create a physical bridge between imagination and sensations. All our products combine the latest technology with sensuality, empowering women or couples to have an open, liberated attitude towards sex. So we are looking for commercial partners sharing our values and our vision.

This interview was first published in EAN 12/2015. EAN is free for retailers and other members of the erotic industry. To get your printed copy, click here!