Bo Todorovic analyses the first months since the launch of SKY

At last year’s eroFame, the Danish company AVE presented their first products to the erotic industry: a duo of vibrators in their SKY collection. The products quickly made an impression, not least of all due to their unusual and stylish design. But the first months in the life-cycle of a product can be tricky. Bo Todorovic, the Global Director of Sales and Business Development at AVE, told EAN how SKY has fared throughout this critical period, and while we were at it, we also talked about the experiences of the past months and about the strategy that his company is pursuing.

AVE presented its first product SKY at eroFame last fall. Did the visitors respond to your product the way you hoped?
Bo Todorovic: We had incredibly positive reactions to the brand and the product at eroFame last year. We expected the clients to be curious and intrigued by our product, but we could not have anticipated such a great number of visitors, and it was a real delight for us to launch with such positive feedback and a crowd that really fell in love with the concept of AVE and our first line, SKY.

Were there any lessons you learned from the release of SKY, things that helped you to further improve the product or your company?
Bo Todorovic: As a young, innovative company, we are constantly communicating with our partners and listening to their feedback. Customers have embraced our approach and the new design concept, and we will continue to innovate by working with renowned designers from all around the world, thus giving a fresh perspective to each new line that we present in the future.


You presented two versions of the SKY vibrator called Alto and Cirrus. What’s the difference between these two, and which one do the customers prefer?
Bo Todorovic: The difference between Alto And Cirrus is that Alto is a ‘Rabbit’ style vibrator with external clitoral stimulator while Cirrus is a non-clitoral vibrator whose main function is G spot stimulation. In terms of customer preference, our sales are pretty even, which shows that both. Alto and Cirrus are in demand.

You recently started working with Eropartner Distribution to sell SKY in Europe. How did this cooperation come to pass, and why did you decide to work with this company?
Bo Todorovic: I first met with Eropartner at eroFame in 2014, and we had a very fruitful conversation that later turned into a collaboration. Eropartner was a great choice for us given their extensive knowledge of the EU market and their experience with luxury lifestyle brands.

Besides Eropartner, where can SKY be bought in Europe now? Are you looking for more partners to pick up your products?
Bo Todorovic: The SKY range is also available through our German distributor Distra. As for new partners, we are always open to new collaborations, and it’s very important to us that the companies we join forces with have same values and philosophy. We believe that this is crucial in establishing a successful long-term business relationships, so if you are a distributor and interested in working with us, we would be very happy to hear from you and discuss possibilities for teaming up in your region.


Could you point out a region where Sky is doing exceptionally well?
Bo Todorovic: Apart from the EU zone, SKY has been very well received in Australia where we only just signed up one of the biggest regional retailers, Club X. We have also been very successful in Japan where our partners have already re-ordered new items due to high demand.

Did you get feedback from your customers? What did they say about SKY? Is there a feature that was especially well received?
Bo Todorovic: Apart from the beautiful design and unique shape, our customers really love the fact that our products are near-silent, extremely easy to operate, have great dual motor power and are fully waterproof. The carefully designed cloud bumps on the SKY products also provide unique sensations for the user. Another feature that has really captured many of our customers is the elegance and the arty feel of the toy.

Now that your product is released, what have you learned about your audience? Or in other words: Who buys a SKY?
Bo Todorovic: SKY is intended for customers with a sophisticated taste who are not only in search of a perfect toy, but want a total brand experience. Our customers appreciate unique design and like to stand out from the crowd by selecting products that combine beauty and practicality, all in one.


AVE is still a young company in the erotic industry. Did you identify any trends during your time in the industry? Which current development is the most important one in your eyes and how will you react to it?
Bo Todorovic: In the past year, we have seen that there is a big focus on female-friendly toys as well as a rise in erotic boutiques that are informative, seductive, and cater to a modern female clientele. There is also a big trend toward technological innovations as many new brands come up with various mobile phone applications, remote controls, and other kinds of intuitive products. At AVE, we think that sexuality should not be a taboo, and we also believe that through beautifully designed toys, these barriers can be broken. We believe in the expression and liberation of senses, and we are very glad to see a shift in attitude towards purchasing adult lifestyle products.

When can we expect to see the next design from AVE Concepts? And can you tell us what it’ll be?
Bo Todorovic: We are very exited to be adding new items to the SKY family, and they will be officially showcased at eroFame in October 2015. Until then, we would like to keep it as a surprise, so be sure to visit our booth. We also have a new line in the works that will follow the launch of SKY, and we can’t wait to showcase it.