Carvaka shows sex toy facts in infographic

The sex toy industry is an intriguing niche. It’s an industry that is literally worth billions of euros all over the globe yet it is often treated as a taboo by the public and the business world in general. This is ironic because one of the industry’s biggest sellers, the vibrator actually started out as a device used by family doctors to treat female patients for stress and anxiety.

Today, there is phenomenal choice when it comes to buying a vibrator. Of course there is more to sex toys than vibrators and the industry now offers a wide selection of “solutions” to people all over the world who wish to extend their sexual horizons to experience new levels of pleasure. The online Shop Carvaka created a info graphic that summarises where the industry stands today and shows some interesting facts about it:

Facts-Sex-Industry Sextoys_Prohibited_Countries Statistics-Masturbaton Emerging_Sextoy_Trendsreferences-inforgraphic