“My crew and I are very enthusiastic about Wicked Sensual!”

Addig the Wicked Sensual Care collection to their range, Shots are bringing us an extremely interesting product line from the lubricant and care product segment. To learn more about the distribution agreement and the potential of Wicked Sensual Care, we interviewd Oscar Heijnen and Steve Orenstein, owner and President of Wicked Sensual Care.


Oscar, Wicked Sensual Care is the latest addition to the Shots range. Why did you choose this brand?
Oscar Heijnen: The Wicked Sensual Care range is of exceptionally good quality and also has that perfect look. It is very successful in the overseas markets but hasn’t been represented to its full potential in Europe. The few customers that carry it over here are very positive about the brand so there is a lot of room for improvement. It´s definitely the right time for Shots to join forces with Wicked Sensual.

Steve, would you mind giving us some information about your Wicked Sensual Care collection? Which products does it comprise?
Steve Orenstein: Wicked Sensual Care is a very comprehensive line of personal care products. We are a vegan line that is cruelty free as well as paraben free. We pride ourselves in bringing products to market which differentiate us, but also cover most consumer needs. We’ve organized the line into three collections: Our Aqua Collection- which is our water based lubricants, our Ultra Collection – which is our silicone based lubricants, and our Specialty items – which contain our enhancers and cleaners.

What makes your products special and unique?
Steve: The Wicked Sensual Care Collection is thoughtfully formulated and developed from a new perspective. Our head of product development is a woman we hired with an extensive background in the skincare industry. From packaging to formulation to results, we’re able to deliver a new take on lubricants; one that comes from fresh eyes on a category that’s been in existence for many, many years. It’s the nuances and innovations within our products that make us proud and able to offer our customers a product that truly isn’t “just another lube”.

“Wicked is one of the most luxurious brands on the lube market and it comes at a very affordable price.” – Oscar Heijnen

Oscar, the Wicked Sensual Care brand is not that well known in Europe. Did that play a role in your decision?
Oscar: Absolutely! I think that the brand has huge potential when it comes to growth possibilities. The unique imagery and look of the products will undoubtedly draw the attention of the customers and that’s why my crew and I are very enthusiastic about Wicked Sensual.

Shots already has several brands offering products from this category. How do you want to position Wicked Sensual Care within your range?
Oscar: Wicked is one of the most luxurious brands on the lube market and it comes at a very affordable price. This combination makes it stand out from the competition and that will no doubt be the reason for the huge success we are expecting!!

Have you stuck with your strategy and added the entire range of Wicked Sensual Care?
Oscar: Yes. When we add a brand to our assortment, we always go for the full range of products regardless of whether they are slow or fast sellers. In the case of Wicked, all products are fast sellers and I am sure that this brand will be available in all the top stores in Europe!

Steve, your products are now distributed in Europe via Shots. What does that mean to you and your company?
Steve: We are thrilled to have Shots on board as a distributor of our brand in the European market. As we expand internationally, we feel that this partnership with them will be a great one! We’ve long admired their organization and their incredible team of people. We are excited to now get the opportunity to work with them all and make expand our success as a brand in Europe.

“Shots has shown us that they are a great teammate to have in the European market.” – Steve Orenstein

Which criteria are particularly important for you when you look for distribution partners?
Steve: When looking for the right distributors, there are many factors we look for. One of the most important qualities, though, is to find companies who value our brand as we do. We do not look to be another product at another price point on the warehouse shelf. We need true partners who also embrace our mission statement and believe in the brand as we do. We are not able to be “on the ground” abroad as much and so our distribution partners are necessary to work as if they were us in international territories. We also look to work with healthy companies who are able to not only drive demand, but keep up with demand as we expand and grow.

And Shots meets all these prerequisites?
Steve: Yes, Shots has shown us that they are a great teammate to have in the European market. Their sales staff will be fully trained on the Wicked Sensual Care line of products and given all of the tools needed to do what they do best: sell brands. They have also committed to stock levels that assure us we will meet the demand they generate in the market.

Are you already working with other distributors in Europe, or are you maybe looking for more distribution partners?
Steve: Yes, we do. Our products are also available through Tonga, our very first partner in the international market. Tonga has helped us get our brand introduced to many foreign accounts through our participation in their Masterclass event and their support when we first launched internationally.

Oscar, what are your expectations for Wicked Sensual Care in the European market?
Oscar: We are convinced that with this product we will acquire a bigger market share in the European market.

When can the trade members place orders for this new brand? And will there also be sales-promoting materials for the brand?
Oscar: Orders can be placed as we speak, either through our b2b website or any which way a customer wants to contact us. We have all the product images and banners available to download from our online image bank. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a special request, as we have six designers at your disposal.

Steve, how important is the European market for Wicked Sensual Care?
Steve: The European market is absolutely pivotal for Wicked Sensual Care as we continue on our growth pattern. It is the next territory we’ve set our sights on and we’re confident we’ll be making strides in the coming year. We’re encouraged by the fact that quality sells everywhere. This is why we’re confident that re-sellers in Europe will embrace our brand as we expand with Shots as one of our distribution partners.

What do you expect from this collaboration with Shots?
Steve: We expect that through this collaboration, we will be begin to solidify our presence in Europe. We look forward to expanding our reach through their experienced team of sales people and their loyal and satisfied customer base. They have embraced our brand of lubricants as a welcome addition to their product assortment and we couldn’t be more thrilled to start working with them.

Oscar, the Shots range keeps growing and growing. People looking for a simple explanation might argue that the equation “more products = more turnover“ actually holds true in the case of Shots. But is it really that simple?
Oscar: No, I wish it were that simple, but it isn’t! If that were the case, I could spend a lot of my time on other things! Selecting the right products with the biggest sales potential at the right time means a wider assortment of product which gives a bigger turnover. Of course, the sales team and our retailers have to focus on the products and present them to the public in the right way! There are always unpredictable factors in this process, but I think we have developed an eye for quality and Wicked Sensual Care definitely ticks this box.

This interview was first published in EAN 11/2015. EAN is free for retailers and other members of the erotic industry. To get your printed copy, click here!