“It’s much nicer to have your partner’s butt smell like passion fruit instead of sweaty butt.”

As more and more people are ready to try anal sex, there is also increased demand for anal hygiene products – a category often called anal cleansing. Most of these products are anal douches or enemas, i.e. they are used internally. My Shiney Hiney, however, has turned heads ever since it was launched in the United States in 2014 because it is an anal hygiene product for external application. EAN wanted to learn more about this innovation and asked Jason Daniello, the Sales Director/Director of New Product Development of My Shiney Hiney, for an interview.

What exactly is My Shiney Hiney? What type of products do you offer?
Jason Daniello: My Shiney Hiney comprises the world’s first cleansing brush, scented cleansing creams, and skin lightening cream design for the intimate area that is the hardest to reach….the rear end. Our products include ergonomically designed cleansing brushes with either a silky soft or medium bristle, they come in six different colours of your choice. Our scented cleansing creams include Passion Fruit, Citrus Ginger, and Lemon Verbena. These creams are used with our brush to ensure you feel 100% clean, and leave you smelling like the scent of your choice for the entire day. Our skin lightening cream will even out the skin tones around the anus to remove the appearance of the dark circle that everyone eventually gets. It can also be used on the nipples, vagina, and anywhere there is skin discoloration.

Who got the idea for My Shiney Hiney? How did this idea come about?
My Shiney Hiney was created in 2014 by Ernie Peia, and runs under the 3E LLC which owns and operates Home and Power and CSS INC in New Jersey, USA. 3E has been in business for over 30 years. Ernie created My Shiney Hiney with the intent of creating the first cleansing brush for your intimate areas, and as the creative process kept rolling, he developed a full line of cleansing and whitening creams along with it. With more products on the way, we are looking forward to 2016 as this year will be a creative success.


What can you tell us about your current product range, and how are these products priced?
The current product range includes our Cleansing Brush which retails at $19.99, our Scented Cleansing Creams which retail at $12.99, our Skin Lightening Cream which retails at $24.99, and Replacement Heads for our Brushes which retail for $9.99.

Who’s the target audience for My Shiney Hiney? Who are these products intended for?
My Shiney Hiney is intended for a variety of people. Those that want to feel clean and fresh all day long, and those who need it out of necessity…including the elderly, obese, pregnant, handicapped, and even post-op patients.

Anal Cleansing is a topic that has been confined to a dark corner of the market, but now people seem to loosen up about it. So, how did the trade and the consumers respond to your products?
We have had a wonderful response to our products. Consumers and retailers have given us very positive feedback. Anal sex has always been taboo, and most people were afraid that their partner would not be as clean as you want them to be. With the right partner and having your rear end as clean as you need it to be, anal sex is more popular than ever – as it should be!


When it comes to anal cleansing, people often think of enemas, anal douches, etc. while My Shiney Hiney focusses more on the outer part of the butt. Is there a gap in the market that only you are now filling?
Absolutely. As you have mentioned, there are plenty of products for internal preparation for anal sex such as enemas, douches, etc. We have the first product that focuses on the outside which is why we are the ‘First stop in anal play’. It’s great to make sure you are clean internally, but the outside of the anus can contain dangerous bacteria which will cause infections if there is a skin laceration, or if it is ingested.

Of course, some of our readers may wonder: Isn’t a douche enough? What is your answer to that question?
Absolutely not!!! I do feel that enemas or douches are very important for anal play, but that does not clean the outside. The skin around the anus is very thick, and it contains skinfolds. Harmful bacteria get trapped within these skinfolds and will cause you to have a not-so-fresh odour if you begin to sweat. Our cleansing brush gets in those skin folds, and our lotion-based cleansing creams not only remove the harmful bacteria, but also keep you smelling like the scent of your choice all day long. To put it simply – it’s much nicer to have your partner’s butt smell like passion fruit instead of sweaty butt.


Which channels of distribution do you use to get your products out there?
My Shiney Hiney has a full distribution centre in Netcong, New Jersey. We can accommodate any and every shipping need.

Can we expect to also see My Shiney Hiney in Europe anytime soon?
We have been in touch with a few distributors, and would love to be in the European market.

Do you work with distributors, or is your strategy focused on direct collaboration with the retailers?
Yes, we do work with distributors. In the US, we currently work with Williams Trading and Eldorado Trading.

How do you support your partners in the trade? For instance, do you offer POS materials?
We offer POS material, staff training, and anything a retailer or distributor would need to convey the proper info to the sales staff. I am the Sales Director, so I personally handle every request from our partners.


Do you have some advice for your trade partners? How can they be more successful with My Shines Hiney?
Always know the products that you are selling. If your sales staff is not properly educated, you could be losing sales and customers. We offer staff training – in person or through Skype, and provide all of our educational material with all orders placed.

What other plans do you have up your sleeve? Will you continue to focus on hygiene products, or could you imagine expanding into other product segments?
We have a few items in the works. We are adding some new and exciting flavours for our creams, more of a sweet dessert selection, and we have some anal play toys coming soon.

This interview was first published in EAN 01/2016. EAN is free for retailers and other members of the erotic industry. To get your printed copy, click here!