“Nasstoys of New York is the ultimate love toy company.”

Looking back at a company history that encompasses more than 40 years, Nasstoys of New York have truly earned their reputation as one of the great quality brands in our industry. Distributor Albino Monkey have made it their job to bring this kind of quality to consumers in the Scandinavian countries, as Peter Østersø and his team are now the exclusive distributor of Nasstoys in these markets. In our interview, Peter describes why he decided to focus on Nasstoys and how retailers can ramp up their sales with this brand.

Albino Monkey Wholesale is the exclusive distributor for Nasstoys of New York in Nothern Europe. Why did you choose to focus exclusively on Nasstoys?
Peter Østersø: It was a very easy decision. It was love at first sight. I mean, excellent premium products and a reputable brand! Nasstoys of New York has been putting the joy into adult pleasure products for over 40 years! There is a lot going on in the European and Scandinavian market and therefore, we felt the time was perfect to take these markets like a wave. We want to encourage more European and Scandinavian retailers to provide their customers with products that offer 100% customer satisfaction.

Are you offering all of Nasstoys products or did you make a selection of the bestsellers?
We start offering a selection of the bestsellers, but we add new products all the time to our stock. We have a full-line distribution partnership with Nasstoys of New York and help retailers to get all the products they want from the Nasstoys collection.

For those readers who are not familiar with Nasstoys product portfolio, could you give us an overview over their range?
Nasstoys of New York is the ultimate love toy company. Their portfolio includes: Bullets, Beads, Balls, Dolls, Dongs, Femme Toys, Kits, Lotions, Lubes, Macho Man Toys, Masturbators, Playful Accessories, Pumps, Rings, Sleeves, Specialty Massagers, Strap-Ons, Taylor Wane Toys, Velvet Kiss Collection, Vibes, the Whisper Collection, and MORE!

Peter Østersø, founder of Albino Monkey, believes that Nasstoys’ new Touch will be a big success

Which of the products or categories you’re offering do you expect to be the next big bestseller?
This is an easy question to answer. Nasstoys of New York’s big new product is the Touch Extreme Vibrations Bullet. It is activated by touching it. “You set it down, it turns off” – just an amazing must-have product. I also see huge potential for self-heating dildos and oral vibes.

How would you describe the target audience for Nasstoys products?
Definitely a quality-conscious audience. Award winning Nasstoys of New York is a premium brand and a great success in the USA. Nasstoys of New York products offer the very best quality in premium pleasure. For 40+ years, Nasstoys of New York has been making high-quality sex toys and pleasure products to keep things fun and exciting in and out of the bedroom. This year, Nasstoys of New York won the XBIZ award (Best Powered Vibrating Product: Touch Extreme Vibrations) and AVN Award (‘O’ Awards Winner: Outstanding Non-powered Product for the Spiked Chain Whip from the Dominant Submissive Collection).

Will Albino Monkey continue to (almost) exclusively offer Nasstoys products or do you have plans to extend your portfolio in the future?
Our business model is solely dedicated to the sales and promotion of high-quality products. We are a truly Scandinavian, Copenhagen-based distributor and we know our northern area well; this gives us an advantage over other companies who want to enter into the Scandinavian market but don’t want to open their own office/representation. We also offer a so-called “hire us for an hour” plan where a company can hire our multilingual staff to take care of sales and marketing actions or projects on an hourly basis, for instance visiting retailers, taking part at trade shows, calling retailers, or just helping with a newsletter in a Scandinavian language.
But back to question. The answer is: maybe. Our mode of operation is to focus on the brands we represent and to bring only the very best to the market to create strong sales.

Albino Monkey is a rather unusual name for a company. Is there a story behind the name?
Absolutely. Actually, the name Albino Monkey has to do with my wife. My beautiful wife Maya comes from Finland and her skin is almost snow white and her hair is very blonde. She just loves mirrors and she can spend hours in front of the mirror when doing her hair or make-up. Well, one day she spent a long while in front of the mirror doing her lashes and nails and I said to her, “Maya, look there is an albino monkey looking from your mirror”. When I established my company, it was obvious that the name of the company had to be Albino Monkey.

First and foremost, you cater to the Scandinavian market. What distinguishes this market from the rest of Europe?
Well, the Scandinavian market is mostly internet-based, and each of the Scandinavian countries has 1-2 local market leaders in the online business. Customers love to buy online, and they expect next day delivery and 365-day return options for their purchases.
The Scandinavian market is much smaller than other European markets due to lower population. If one of the market leaders in Scandinavia want to grow, they have to do business all over Scandinavia or expand to other parts of Europe to achieve growth.
One big player is missing from the Scandinavian market: Amazon has not invaded Scandinavia, but rumour has it that Amazon will launch in Scandinavia late this year. We will see what happens, but so far, many Scandinavian companies are not prepared for the coming of Amazon.

“More than anything, we love to see retailers doing profitable business and succeed with Nasstoys of New York products.”

Can retailers also contact you for support and POS Materials or product training?
Yes, they definitely can. We are more than happy to help retailers get to know Nasstoys of New York products. More than anything, we love to see retailers doing profitable business and succeed with Nasstoys of New York products. My friendly customer service and sales team is ready to answer all the questions retailers might have.

Generally speaking, what are the current trends in the adult market? Which niches and products dominate? Is there a category that is driving the development the market right now?
I feel that there are more and more niches as “one size does not fit all”. Also, the manufacturers create demand in the market by providing new products and new versions of existing products in rapid succession.
We can already see that demand for lifelike sex-doll is increasing. In Denmark, they have opened a sex-doll bordello where the “workers” are lifelike sex-dolls.
Customers also want more from sex toys: Quality, look, and packing are very important parts of the sex toy experience. I think that there will be fewer and fewer sex toys that are of poor quality, and also fewer one-time toys packaged in boxes with naughty looking naked ladies.
So, I would say lifelike and natural feeling products and private labelling, that is the trend right now. By the way, I also think it’s good that there are more and more sex toy choices for us men, too.