“Anyone can be a Wobbling Willy!”

Most sex toys are mass-produced, which means that, no matter how well they are designed, no matter how well they fit the user’s expectations – they are far from unique. Wouldn’t it be great to have a dildo that is truly personalised? Well then, how about a toy that is also a bobblehead with your own face or the face of your partner on it? That’s exactly what Wobbling Willy is all about. Inventor and designer Robert Eriksson shines a spotlight on this unique dildo in our EAN interview.

The obvious question first: Why would I want to put my face as a bobblehead on a dildo?
Robert Eriksson: Maybe it’s someone else putting your head on a Wobbling Willy… you never know.
Who wouldn’t want to be minimised with a maximised Willy?
There are great situations for this little adorable dildo man – hen’s night gift, long distance relationship, stand-in, finally a practical application for all your selfies. Or if you literally just want to go and f**k yourself. LOL. We have female customer as well, putting their faces on a Wobbling Willy. Anyone can be a Wobbling Willy!

Could you tell us a bit about your career and how it led to you inventing the Wobbling Willy?
Wobbling Willy is designed and founded in Sweden by Robert Eriksson – the great founder of Wobbling Willy. As a designer, I have some passed history in the business, working for Lelo and Tickler where I got in contact with the almighty, sexy silicone.

How did you come up with the idea for Wobbling Willy?
It might have been in an alcohol-infused moment while living in Shanghai, working for Lelo and walking past a Bobblehead shop. I guess I thought this is the most genius combination. The idea stuck in the back of my head until last year, when I just had to make it a reality. In the well-known Bobblehead world, there are golf players, football players, et cetera with your face on it, so why not a personalised playful toy?

Each Wobbling Willy face is hand-made

Are the Wobbling Willys actually functional sex toys, or would you rather describe them as fun novelty items?
It’s a fun novelty sex toy! Wobbling Willy might be more of a kooky gift rather than a high-tech multi-functional sex toy but anyway, it’s there and ready… For sure its useable, it’s more about the hand jive though.

The Wobbling Willy’s heads are unique, which means they must be produced individually. How are the dildos and the accompanying heads made?
The heads are hand-sculpted from customer uploaded photos. So, there is artistic work involved. And the customer will be able to leave feedback during the sculpting process to get things just right. The Willy’s body is mass-produced from 100% body safe smooth silicone of comparable quality as any other sex toy – probably even better than most toys in general.

Do you also offer Willys with pre-made heads, for example of celebrities or fictional characters?
I really would like to meet Brad Pitt, but not his lawyers in court. I guess making celebrities would get us into trouble. Just to be on the safe side, we do not make any celebrities; any person who profits from their own image, that’s where we draw the line. But it would be really fun to offer some famous Willys produced under license.

How important are fun and playfulness for a sex toy in general?
If there is any awkwardness or taboo around sex toys, fun and playfulness can help overcome them, I guess.
With Wobbling Willy, you can be explicit and surprising in a fun way. It’s so cute!

Do you offer different shapes for the Willys or plan to do so in the future?
We only have one shape and one colour at the moment. The body is kind of smurfy and cartoonish.
It’s all about production cost to offer a wide range of shapes and colours. Different shapes… haven’t thought of that but at least we should offer some other colours in the future.

Is there a way for retailers and online shops to work together with you to profit from the Wobbling Willy as well?
Yes, it would be a kind of drop-shipping/affiliate model. We will take care of the sculpting, customer feedback, and shipping. This way, there is no warehousing cost for other shops, and in the simplest scenario, it could be done without any technical integration. Just put up a product page. It would also be possible to sell them at offline stores with prepaid sculpting/shipping.

What are the next steps for Wobbling Willy?
Product-wise, it would be a fun thing to make the head vibrate, and I’m in the brainstorming stage for a female version. Business-wise, the goal is to have more collaborations with other web shops. Offline stores would be interesting to try out. I think it would make for fun product displays in the stores.