“Argus Toys includes a wide range of products and will expand even further in the future.”

Within just three years of the company’s creation, Argus Toys has grown to be one of the major producers in the Serbian erotic market, not least of all because of the popularity of their (Soft) BDSM products under the Argus Fetish label. EAN interviewed Argus Toys Sales Manager Suzana Kozić about the company and their product range.

Based in Belgrade, Serbia, Argus Toys is one of the few companies for erotic products in this region. Could you give us a short overview of the company first? When was it founded and how has it developed since then?
Suzana Kozić: The company was founded three years ago and since then, it has expanded a lot thanks to the dedication of all employees. We are always trying to provide the best quality to our customers and always searching for new materials on the market. We have created several lines of products, offering something different for any type of people. We are trying to be equal in everything and always look at new things that we see and discuss whether that could be in some of our lines. Making Argus Fetish and Argus Toys was the best part, because we can make seasonal lines that go with a certain theme, and while also under our name, there is a small twist to them, so people can find whatever they want with ease and it creates a lot of room for our other projects.

Could you tell us a bit more about yourself and the team behind the company?
I am devoted to my work and I put all of my strength into everything that I do. Working in this industry has been an amazing experience, especially since the people who work with me are also devoted to the brand. The thing about our company and the team is, it’s more like a family, and everyone brings something different to the table. Everyone is good in some areas, so we are trying to foster those skills and make the most of them. The best thing about the people working together under the name “Argus” is that they have very different styles and ways of thinking about sex itself. There are extreme differences, and that is awesome because that gives us a variety of opinions about soft toys, extreme fetish or even picture designs. Before we do a brand line, I look at what is in demand, or something with an interesting design, then I get everyone together and show them what I came up with. Next, we discuss what we think about it and how it would fit in with everything else, deciding if that piece of the puzzle has a place in our range. If someone has an idea, we take that into consideration as well, and when the majority feels something could be part of our line, we will do it.

The company is split into two segments: Argus Toys and Argus Fetish. Why did you decide to make this distinction?
We thought about creating two parallel brands because thinking of BDSM, people usually think of something dark, mysterious, and seductive. Toys on the other hand are colourful, and so it felt like they had to be separated into different segments, each with their own spotlight. That is how Argus Toys and Argus Fetish started. From that point on, every part of it is separated into its own thing, like a tree branch. It is easier for customers to treat them like two separate things because at the end, they are. We will always expand both of them and pay attention to them equally, so it is better for them to be two different brands. This way, you can present toys with a colourfully designed box while the fetish products have a whole other twist.

The butt plugs in the My Precious collection are available in two versions, metal and silicone

Let’s talk about Argus Toys first: What kind of products are you offering? What makes them stand out?
Argus Toys has a lot of different toys, all made from body-safe materials, that range from penis pumps to dildos and even fake vaginas. We tried to adapt everything to match our customers preferences, meaning they are very easy to use and clean but also offer quality and look nice. I believe that we offer simple and eye-catching toys that come in an interestingly designed box. Also, we have something for every type. Argus Toys includes a wide range of products and will expand even further in the future so you can get every toy you could want, all from one company.

As the name suggests, Argus Fetish offers a wide range of favourites, from ball gags and handcuffs to floggers and whips. What is it that sets your collection apart?
The inspiration behind our BDSM line was to make it look mystic, dark, and also to tickle your imagination when you are looking at it. When you see them all at once, the feeling you get is domination, and then, your mind starts to imagine how everything would work and feel. Because the human mind is made to think about everything they see or do, we made our line to look a little dark with a hint of sexiness, so that the mind can do its thing and do what it is doing best. Presenting BDSM to the people in safe ways with an exotic look is very fun, it gives a whole other vibe to fetish, and we would like to continue with that. What sets our collection apart is the design itself, we tried to make it appealing for everyone from teenagers to even seniors.

Which kind of support do you offer to retailers who carry your products? Do you offer POS materials for online shops and brick and mortar shops?
We offer great support to our retailers, first of all with our products, but we are also ready for any cooperation, including suggestions regarding materials or designs that they believe would be a nice thing to have. Our shipping and logistics processes are rock solid in my opinion. We are handling every order with a lot of care, understanding, and seriousness. So overall, we do provide materials to our retailers but also try to listen to their opinion. We are always in contact with them and reply and help with anything they need. We give the retailers transparent information on how and from what our products are made so that they can differentiate our line from others when talking with customers.

Is there a philosophy or guideline you follow when it comes to adding new products? What does a product idea have to offer for you to give it the green light?
The guideline is statistics. I usually look for things and new products that are in demand, and I always look for it to be affordable in our region. Trends are important to me, but I also look at things that would really be useful and fun for everyone as well as safe. Of course, we want them to be timeless, and not only for one-time use. We want for our customers to enjoy our products, but we want to release them with style. That’s why we have split the company into two brands, one for toys and one only for fetish. Every time we produce something, we are looking for inspiration.

A product must have an interesting or clear design, something that will catch your eye when you are browsing a store for a perfect toy. It has to be simple to use so that even beginners can figure it out. Lately, we have made a line of dual density dildo’s, and the material is totally different from than anything we had touched before. The inside of the spine even provides an angle if you desire. So, in that case, what attracted me and the team was the fact it has a spine and layers and that it is super realistic, without odour. Also, it is perfectly skin-safe. So, we made a few sizes that we thought people would enjoy. And we were right, they are an absolute hit.

Also, another thing I ask myself and others is “Would you use that product?” If you have to think a lot about it and how you would use it in your sex life, most likely that item will be dropped from our list. There are a lot of questions I ask before we make a final decision, another one of them being “Can you see yourself selling this product for the next five to I don’t know how many years? “ Of course, the answer should be a big yes, that is what we are trying to do every day.

The Red Leopard and Black bondage sets are presented under the Argus Fetish label

Let’s talk about your home market, Serbia. Does this market differ from other markets in Europe?
The Serbian market is quite different than other markets because some of our customers haven’t adapted to the latest innovations in the erotic market. So, we had the challenge to design everything so that it is not intimidating and also durable.

For example, our Fetish line is specially made to be appealing to every woman, and it is quite comfortable and durable for any type of sex game (from beginners to experienced players). It is made to tickle the imagination with its packaging and design.

The toy line is made from quality materials and has an affordable price. We made it a point for them to be odourless and sturdy, but they also have a soft outside layer, and they are flexible enough to suit everyone.

What are the advantages of being based in Serbia? How important is your home market for your business?
From Serbia, it is very easy to export, and delivery is fast. Our home market is really important to us because this is where we started and right now, we are the biggest supplier in Serbia. We appreciate everything our customers have done for us (feedback, even pitching ideas) and we want to stay where we are.

What are your plans for the future of Argus Toys and Argus Fetish? Are there any concrete plans you can tell us about?
We are planning to expand our brand so that we can provide everything our clients want, from exclusive toys to BDSM. We would like to expand our brand to the whole of Europe, and we are open for collaborate with other brands and shops. We would like to see how big of an impact we can make on this industry.