“At Temptation Holidays, we believe sexual wellbeing is just as important as physical and mental wellbeing.”

British company Temptation Holidays has set out to offer appealing travel options for sex-positive vacation-goers. Customers can choose from a variety of vacation spots and cruises that provide them with an inviting, safe, and private place to discover and live out their sexuality, without any pressure. EAN was curious to learn more about this unique concept, so we spoke with Peter Stratton, CEO of Temptation Holidays, and Nina Saini, Executive Director of Temptation Holidays.

How did you come up with the idea of offering sex-positive vacations for adults?
Nina Saini: Our CEO Peter Stratton is an industry expert with over 30 years of experience in the travel sector. With his impressive background and wealth of knowledge, there’s little Peter doesn’t know about the travel industry.

Peter was looking into new and unique travel opportunities a few years back and the company decided to explore the sex positive holidays concept. I joined the team last year to help develop the brand and the business alongside Peter. Together we researched the market and discovered that there was a variety of resorts and cruises that could potentially suit our needs, and that there was a huge demand for sex positive holidays. This became Temptation Holidays (www.temptationholidays.com).

It was important to us to take our time to get it right. We wanted to offer holidays that not only embraced our ethos of sex and body positivity but allowed our guests to be themselves with no judgement in a safe and private environment. We also wanted the resorts and cruises that we featured to be of a high standard with first class service, delicious food and a variety of beverages, and amazing day and evening entertainment, all within beautiful locations.

The holidays we offer are for over 21’s and have optional elements in designated areas. These include topless optional, clothing optional and play optional choices. The key word here is optional! Either way, our guests are guaranteed a great holiday.

Privacy is also important to us and as a result we have our own Temptation Holidays Rule Book of guidelines, which can be viewed here: https://www.temptationholidays.com/th-rule-book/
Since our launch, the feedback has been brilliant! We have had some wonderful mainstream media coverage and positive feedback from our peers both in the travel and adult industries.

The Temptation Cancun Resort

Why is it so important to you to support and promote sensual and sexual wellbeing?
Peter Stratton: At Temptation Holidays, we believe sexual wellbeing is just as important as physical and mental wellbeing. It is important to us to support sensual and sexual wellbeing as we believe consenting adults should be free to explore their sexuality without judgement. It is nobody else’s business!
It’s ironic that we have non-sex brands using sex to promote their products with no backlash yet when you have a sex brand that does the same, people are quick to jump to conclusions and pass judgement due to preconceptions or lack of understanding. People are individual and obviously are going to have different sexual choices. We support that freedom of choice between consenting adults.
Our holidays are for adults that may want to explore their sexuality with their partner or just want that time to reconnect with each other. We know our holidays may not be for everyone and that is ok too.

What exactly is different in your resorts and cruises than in more conventional vacation trips?
Peter Stratton: The holidays that Temptation Holidays feature have additional features that you wouldn’t find on conventional resorts and cruises. Unlike traditional resorts and cruises, we feature topless optional, clothing optional and play optional choices depending on which resort or cruise our guests decide to visit.
We have created the categories ‘party’, ‘play’ and ‘nude’ to describe the holidays on offer and we detail what guests can expect within each resort and cruise. Again, these are optional!

Critics could argue that all this sounds like upscale ‘Swinger Club’. How would you counter this argument?
Nina Saini: We are not an adult lifestyle club and we do not organize parties. We are a sex positive holiday company, that feature some resorts and cruises that have designated play areas for couples to explore their sexuality with like-minded couples if they wish to. These holidays can be found under the ‘play’ category on our website. However, there is no organization by us or our resorts and cruises to actively arrange this. Whether guests want to play or not, is purely up to them! There may be occasions that no one is in the private play areas, but again this is the choice of the guests and is optional.

Who is your target audience?
Nina Saini: Temptation Holidays is open to anyone over 21 years of age. We don’t have a target audience as such, but we will say our guests are fun-loving, open-minded, confidence in their own skin and adventurous.

The Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort

Your trips are divided into the categories ‘party’, ‘play’ and ‘nude’. What’s the difference between these categories?
Peter Stratton: We wanted to do something different and fun from traditional holiday companies, so we created the categories ‘party’, ‘play’ and ‘nude’ to describe the resorts and cruises we have on offer. ‘Party’ refers to resorts and cruises that have a lively and vibrant party atmosphere, they feature topless optional areas. ‘Nude’ describes holidays that offer designated clothing optional areas. ‘Play’ are holidays where couples have the option to explore sexuality with their partner or with other open-minded couples in designated private play areas. All of these are entirely optional.
Safety and privacy are priorities to us, which is why we have produced a Temptation Holidays Rule Book of do’s and dont’s.

Which criteria do you use to choose holiday destinations or cruises?
Peter Stratton: First and foremost, when we are looking for new resorts and cruises to feature we look for high quality holiday experiences. So, something unique that could sit well in our collection of sex positive holidays. We want to feature resorts and cruises that are essentially wonderful holidays that live up to the 5-star ratings so exquisite food and quality beverages, amazing entertainment, first class service in beautiful locations.

Is it difficult to find suppliers of hotels or cruise liners that are open to your ideas?
Peter Stratton: No, not really! There is a market that exists out there. We just took our time to meet and visit potential partners and to explain the concept behind Temptation Holidays as well as our marketing plans. Our partners loved the concept and jumped on board! We have also been delighted with the response from other suppliers who have been in touch since hearing about our launch and we are always looking for potential partners.

Your focus is on safety and privacy and for that you have a set of rules. What are they?
Nina Saini: Safety and privacy are very important to us, which is why we created the Temptation Holidays Rule Book. This was to ensure all our guests respect one another and so that everyone has a clear understanding of what this is before traveling.

Our rules are:

  1. In topless and clothing optional holidays, we ask that all guests wear appropriate attire in all the restaurants and any other designated areas that are not clearly marked as topless or clothing optional. Please refer to the individual resorts or cruise rules for more details.
  2. Your privacy is important to us. Due to the unique nature of the resorts and cruises, it is important privacy is respected. Taking photos and videos is strictly forbidden. Any exceptions to this rule are specified in the individual resorts or cruise rules.
  3. Please refrain from sexual activities in public areas.
  4. Please treat all guests with the utmost respect and remember the Golden Rule: ‘NO’ means ‘NO’.
  5. Some of the resorts have couples only areas, please refer to the individual resorts or cruise rules for further details.
  6. Drug use is strictly prohibited.
  7. Please respect fellow guests. On the cruises, you will be expected to keep noise levels to a minimum in the ship’s corridors after midnight.
  8. Keep your valuables safe! The resort or the cruise ship operator will not be held responsible for any items left outside of your safety deposit box. Please ensure you place all valuable items in the safe within your room or cabin.
  9. Don’t encourage staff members to get involved, they are forbidden to interact intimately and are not allowed to drink with guests. If they do, they will be immediately dismissed. These can also be viewed online here: https://www.temptationholidays.com/th-rule-book/

How has the response to your special trip offers been so far?
Peter Stratton: The initial response has been great! We have seen a massive increase in website hits, lots of enquires and much media interest and press coverage. For EAN readers we would like to offer 10% off all bookings made on our website www.temptationholidays.com until 16th October 2018 using the code LaunchEAN10. We also regularly feature special promotional prices, so it is worth checking in with us on a regular basis or sign up to our newsletter through our website.

An official press release states that you have plans to offer holiday deals for the LGBT community. How far along is this idea?
Peter Stratton: As you can imagine, it takes time to find the right partners and we are taking our time to get this right! We are continuing to research and are speaking to potential LGBT holidays that we would like to feature. Currently this is a work in progress and will announce the launch of this in due course.

There is also mention of an affiliates programme, what can you tell us about this?
Nina Saini: We will be launching our affiliate programme in a few months with its own website and are inviting interested individuals, adult companies and adult retailers to pre-register by sending an email to affiliates@temptationholidays.com. We will also be attending eroFame this year and if anyone would like to meet with us to discuss the affiliate programme or partnerships, please drop us a line on info@temptationholidays.com