Bo Todorovic

“We want AVE to be famous for classic collections.”

AVE’s first collection, SKY, had its sights set firmly on the skies, including an appealing, cloud-inspired design. The follow-up collection is literally more down to earth: NATUR includes three new vibrators by designer Aurelien Barbry – Bliss, Vibe, and Rise – based on the idea that sometimes, less is more. In our EAN interview, Bo Todorovic, the Gloald Director of Sales and Business Development at AVE, tells us more about the NATUR collection and the philosophy that is at the core of the new products.

Ave’s latest collection has been ”inspired by the organic shapes of the Nordic landscape“. Could you describe the new collection in more depth?
Bo Todorovic: NATUR is our second collection and we wanted it to be a true tribute to our design ideals. Working with a designer who really gets this aesthetic was important to us.

Quite often, the Scandinavian design approach is about “less is more”, finding small details that can create a design language. In this case, we worked with organic shapes which provided a way to create more abstract products. Maybe also to push even further away from the normal design language of the industry.

AVE’s first collection – Sky – was revealed about two years ago. Before we talk more about your new collection, could you recap those first two years for us? Of which accomplishments in these two years are you especially proud?
We’re proud to say that our products are now distributed throughout a global market. We’re also proud that we have managed to build a very differentiated experience in the category. Bringing in a clean, almost beauty aesthetic was something many had not seen before. We hope that we can continue to build a brand that can really cross the lines between lifestyle, beauty, and intimacy.

Why did you choose a nature-themed approach when designing your new collection?
It wasn’t a must. But when our product designer for this collection, Aurelien Barbry, showed us the first sketches it just felt right. The link between raw nature, the unpredictable, and also this Zen-like feeling was something we could build on.

Could you tell us a bit more about the design process once you had settled on a certain theme and idea?
AVE works with external designers. Much like a furniture design company would do. Each collection has a signature which fits into the overall AVE universe.
Barbry’s studio works with many of the most prestigious design companies in Scandinavia and was a natural choice for us. We’re happy he accepted the invitation.
In terms of process, it’s like any other design product where we do prototypes and testing. What was crucial for us was that design and branding worked very closely together from day one to create a cohesive feel across all facets of the experience. With SKY, we set the bar high and we wanted to do better.

The NATUR collection will offer three different designs: Rise, Bliss and Vibe. How are they different from each other?
The shapes and sizes make them different, but Bliss also differs by having more motors, for instance. We want people to make an aesthetic choice as much as a functional choice. It’s a product that looks equally good on the table as it does on the neckline.

The NATUR collection: Vibe, Rise and Bliss

Besides a beautiful design on the outside, it’s also important what’s under the hood. What have your new vibrators got to offer in this regard?
We learned from SKY that power is important. So expect these to be powerful little tools. And they feel amazing to the touch, in particular with the topography-inspired contours.

AVE is known for accompanying its campaigns with beautiful trailers / movies. Also this time. What emotions did you want to evoke in the viewers of your “Journey into Natur” campaign film?
We like to make films that present a feeling or an idea, not only product information. With the Natur film, we’re again playing with memories and fantasy, mixing in the transformative power of nature. A girl leaving the city behind to get lost in nature; she’s met with feelings and discoveries only made possible because the raw and unpredictable takes hold. Is she thinking about a particular memory? Or is the feeling of nature awaking new fantasies in her head… It’s our poetic take on the endless debate about female fantasy. We call it inspired pleasure.

A lot of new technologies such as compression waves, suction, or oscillation are on the rise right now. Why did AVE choose to stay true to the vibrator?
We want AVE to be famous for classic collections. To do that we need to nail the classic category first, not jump into the latest trend. So, we’re not saying we couldn’t go into other product categories in the future. At the same time, this is also positioned more as an external massager. The shapes fit any part of the body, so we leave it up to the users’ own desires and creativity.

How much does the new Nature collection cost and where can interested retailers turn to if they want to sell AVE’s products?
Launching through our own web store in late December, but already available for pre-order now at $49.99. Retail is still TBD but interested partners can contact us through

Could you tell us a bit about AVE’s future plans?
The plan is simply to continue building the brand through great communication and desirable products. It’s only the very beginning of our journey. We will continue to bring a fresh perspective to the industry as we expand the brand to new markets in the coming year. Hopefully we can start a lot of conversations along the way.