“Both partners need to get pleasure out of the experience – that’s what makes it a real couples’ toy.”

Couples products have been in high demand for several years, but in order for a product to really qualify as a couples’ product, it should meet one very important criterion: Using the product has to be satisfying for both partners. This is also reflected in the ST RUBBER brand BeauMents. The Saarland-based company has assembled a selection of products under this brand that truly stick out, and not just because of their functionality. In our interview, the heads of ST RUBBER, Adrian Schneider and Werner Tiburtius, give us more details about BeauMents.

The BeauMents brand ranks among the best-selling product lines in the ST RUBBER range. What is your explanation for this success?
Adrian Schneider: These products are unique – you can’t compare them to other toys on the market. The quality is top-notch, combining first-class materials and functionality. Add to that the fair prices, and it’s really no wonder that they are doing well.

The brand is relatively small, including a selection of lubricants, Doppio V1 and V2, and the Joyride cock ring. Why did ST RUBBER choose these product groups?
Adrian Schneider: The BeauMents brand stands for “beautiful moments” … and by that we mean beautiful moments for two. We want this brand to appeal to couples and to add to their moments of intimate togetherness. There are not many products in the couples’ toy segment that really excel – we are always looking for innovative products, but unfortunately, the product range in this category is rather limited.

The Doppio massager can be used by yourself or with a partner

Doppio is the best-selling product in the BeauMents line. Would you mind telling us more about this toy?
Werner Tiburtius: Doppio is a couples’ toy with numerous features and three motors that make for strong vibration and stimulation. The special thing about Doppio is that, during love play, Doppio provides pleasant stimulation to both partners, making for much more exciting and satisfying love play.

What sets Doppio 2.0 apart from the original version?
Werner Tiburtius: Doppio 2.0 comes with a remote, three new features, and eye-catching, high-quality packaging.

The BeauMents products also stick out due to their clear, harmonic design. How would you describe the underlying design principles of the brand?
Werner Tiburtius: Design is a very subjective thing, and describing it is always very tricky. Ultimately, the product has to appeal to the consumer, and it has to do what it is supposed to do … but of course, it should also be interesting to look at – that’s how many people pick the products they buy. At any rate, the design of BeauMents is as appealing and trendy as can be.

Does ST RUBBER also provide POS materials to boost the brand?
Adrian Schneider: Yes, we have developed a beautiful acrylic display just for Doppio. The brick and mortar retailers get one of these displays for free when ordering at least three Doppios in each colour.

The BeauMents products are all aimed at couples. Compared to other big target audiences, what role do couples play in the adult market right now?
Adrian Schneider: The brick and mortar and e-commerce retailers see more and more that couples represent a large chunk of their clientele. And couples want to enjoy the sex toy experience together, which makes them a very important audience for the trade. After all, couples often spend more money on the things they enjoy together, be it hobbies or their love life.

In your opinion, what are the most important aspects couples’ toys need to bring to the table?
Werner Tiburtius: Well, quality and functionality should always be a top priority, just like with any toy for one user. To make it a couples’ toy, you should obviously be able to use it with your partners at the same time, so that’s very important as well. Both partners need to get pleasure out of the experience – that’s what makes it a real couples’ toy.

Doppio 2.0 can also be controlled via remote

You are already working on another couples‘ toy for the BeauMents brand. What can you tell us about this upcoming product?
Adrian Schneider: Following 15 months of development, we have now entered the production phase. The new BeauMents couples’ toy will have its big presentation at eroFame – so that’s going to be a world premiere, and we’re all looking forward to it.

Apart from this couples‘ toy, what other projects does ST RUBBER have in the pipeline? What are your plans for the future of the brand?
Werner Tiburtius: We will continue to look for extraordinary and functional couples’ toys, and we are going to develop some toys ourselves, so keep an eye out, you won’t be disappointed.