Brooke O'Connor

“Gels, foams, and sprays clean but do not sanitise.”

Today, toy lovers can choose from several storage systems that have been developed particularly for sex toys. But what UVee is bringing the market is different: Apart from offering a place to store your private pleasure givers, this box also recharges and disinfects your toys. Using UV light, the UVee system eliminates pretty much all germs and bacteria that might otherwise cling onto vibrators, dildos, and the like. Brooke O’Connor, the co-founder of Clean Light Laboratories, presents the UVee storage box and its features in this interview.


UVee is a sanitising and charging storage system for adult toys. How is UVee different from other storages for sex toys?
Brooke O’Connor: Our patent pending UVee is the world’s first and only 3-in-1 sanitising, charging and storage solution. Our UV-C lights have been proven to eliminate 99.9% of all bacteria found on the toys. We offer a unique and convenient way to not only keep your toys safely stored but also charged up and ready to play when you are.

How does cleaning a toy with UV-C Light work? Does it really get rid of all germs?
Adult toys can collect harmful bacteria and germs which often cannot be seen by the human eye. UV-C germicidal lights break apart the DNA of the microorganisms that can cause infection thus causing the cell to die. UVee’s UV-C light system kills 99.9% of all germs that cause infections associated with the use of toys.

Each patent pending UVee system comes complete with two UV-C germicidal lights (top and bottom), which when exposed directly to the toys inside, kills the germs found on the toys. Included in your UVee system are custom designed interior top and bottom reflectors allowing for maximum bounce and reflection inside the units which helps to kill germs and bacteria found in the nooks and crannies of adult toys.

UVee Storage System open

How did you come up with the idea of applying this technology to sex toys?
We developed the idea based on the parallel need for a toothbrush to be sanitised which is exposed to the same environment. Germs and bacteria, whether absorbed through a toothbrush or an adult toy, may cause the same infections. UV-C light has been used for years to sanitise toothbrushes and other personal healthcare items.

Our patent pending system advanced what we have learned from those devises and incorporated a unique reflection technology for the types of nook and crannies that are found on more complicated toys. After months of testing and refinement of our reflection system we were able to prove we can kill 99.9% of all germs and bacteria found on toys in less than 10 minutes.

Toy cleaners or soap promise to get a sex toy clean as well. Why would you advise using UVee instead?
There is no universally recommended way to clean toys. Boiling water doesn’t kill all bacteria. Even when hot enough, water must stay in contact with the toys surface for minutes, not seconds. Boiling water can leave a biofilm on toys and also may damage the electronics.

Gels, foams and sprays clean but do not sanitise. They are messy and don’t reach all the surfaces on the toys. Rubbing alcohol destroys the surface of many of the materials toys are made out of and change the pH balance of the body.

Only the UV-C germicidal light found in UVee effectively kills 99.9% of all harmful bacteria and yeast. Protect and preserve your toy the best way – the UVee way. UVee has been proven to be 2-5 times more effective than foams and sprays.

Open large box of UVee Storage with Wand Vibrator

You will have a booth at the upcoming eroFame show in October. What will you have in store for the visitors?
We will be showcases our two models, the HOME Play and the GO Play. We will also be educating visitors on the importance of properly caring for and cleaning your toys.

Do you think that the customers are aware enough of the risks of unclean sex toys?
Regardless if you share your toys or not the materials that toys are made out of may harbour germs which can cause infections. Toys not properly cleaned or stored safely can also collect other germs that are hazardous to our bodies. Toys can be exposed to other germs near the bedroom and bathroom that may also cause infections. Similar to a toothbrush, millions of bacteria can be collected on toys; that affects all of the organs of the body.

Is everybody who owns a sex toy a potential customer for you or do you have a more specific target audience in mind?
Anyone that uses a sex toy is our potential customer. Our sanitiser can clean all kinds of toys.

How many vibrators can be stored in UVee at once? What’s the maximum toy size that fits inside?
The UVee systems were designed with maximum flexibility for the size (both height and width) of various toys. GO Play will store a variety of compact toys or one standard size vibrator and has one charging station. HOME Play has three charging stations to charge up to three toys at one time but also has a specially designed divider system so that three toys can be stored and separated appropriately.

The flexible divider system allows for one, two or three toys to be separated while stored. The HOME Play allows for a multitude of options in storing and cleaning a variety of toys from standard size to compact toys. In addition, the HOME Play system is large enough to accommodate a toy as large as the Magic Wand and features a special vacuum sealed outlet for larger rechargeable toys that require standard wall chargers.

How long does it take to sanitise a toy?
HOME Play will safely sanitise all toys in 10 minutes. GO Play will safely sanitise all toys in 5 minutes. The systems both turn on and off automatically in the pre-programmed amount of time necessary to clean all toys.

Small an large box of UVee Storage for Sex Toys

Is this method of cleaning suited for all types of material that are used in sex toys?
The UVee systems have been safely tested for all materials that toys are made out of including WTP, Rubber, Vinyl Rubber, PVC, Poly-Melt, Latex, Realskin, Cyberskin, Pure Skin, AquaGel, Jelly, TPR, Plastic, PassionSkin, Trueskin, Techno-Skin, Silicone, Ceramic, Acrylic, Lucite, ABS Medical Grade Plastic, Platinum Grade Silicone, Copper, Steel, Leather and Glass.

Do you work with distributors? Where can your products be bought in Europe?
We absolutely want to work with distributors. This is our introduction to the European market and we are anxious to meet with distributors at the show.

What will be the next steps for UVee? Where do you see room to grow for your company?
We are developing new products as we speak. We expect to introduce two new products a year. Our focus is on helping people enjoy their toys based on the confidence that they are clean and ready to go.