Cassie Pendleton, Wicked Sensual Care’s Marketing Director

“We now have our sights set on Europe.”

Over the course of the past years, Wicked Sensual Care has become one of the big names in the market for lubricants and care products. To make sure that the success story of the US company also continues in Europe, Cassie Pendleton, Wicked Sensual Care’s Marketing Director, recently moved to the United Kingdom. That was reason enough for us to ask her for an interview and find out more about the latest developments within the brand and how these changes benefit the consumers.


Hi, Cassie! You moved from the US to Europe. Does that mean that Wicked Sensual Care will focus more on the European market in the future?
Cassie Pendleton: Yes, exactly. My move to Europe means that Wicked is now able to bring a level of service and support to the European market we haven’t been able to in the past simply because of distance. Being a US based company, we’ve been able to establish ourselves as a leading lubricant brand in the US, our “backyard”, in four short years. That’s pretty incredible. We now have our sights set on Europe to duplicate that same success.

How important is the European market for Wicked Sensual Care compared to other markets?
We, of course, want to achieve success in many markets. Europe stands out as a target market because of the potential we see possible there. We are so excited to, not just be an option on the shelf, but to become the preferred consumer choice. Wicked Sensual Care isn’t just “another lube”. We innovate as we formulate and our unique approach to this category is notable once you try one of our flavored lubricants, or learn about the nuances in our formulas that show our thoughtful approach to sexual health and wellness.

Will anything change in the distribution structure of Wicked Sensual Care or will everything stay the same for your existing customers?
No changes will be made in our distribution structure. We will simply be able to support the distribution model better by offering product training and support direct from us to the retailers our distributors supply.

Wicked is now able to bring a level of service and support to the European market we haven’t been able to in the past simply because of distance.”

Do you see any differences between Europe and other markets when it comes to sensual care products? Is there something that customers in Europe attach more value to than customers in the US, for instance?
We may come across subtle differences in the European market as we begin to work this territory more, but I think we’re lucky in that – quality sells everywhere. People all over the world want quality products at an accessible price. At Wicked, we’re able to provide exactly that. Lubricant is such a wonderful category to work in because though seemingly so simple in theory, at Wicked we’ve managed to deliver benefits that go above and beyond your typical slippery formula. I can’t wait to show Europe what Wicked Sensual Care is all about!

Do you have any plans especially for Europe in the near future (e.g. promotions, new releases, etc.)?
Our immediate plan for Europe is to reach out to and make sure retailers know that we’re now more accessible to support the brand directly. This support includes product knowledge seminars for store staff to equip retailers to sell our brand successfully. We also now have the opportunity to partner with our resellers and develop promotions and contests throughout the territory.

As far as new products, YES! We have recently released some exciting products in the US over the last few months that will make their debut in Europe at this year’s eroFame show. One is our stimulating clitoral massaging gel- Awaken. This clitoral stimulation product plays with texture and sensation to achieve a greater depth of orgasm. We also recently debuted our Wicked Hybrid lubricant at the ANME show this past July. Now THIS! This is a lubricant that is sure to please, offering a “wetter than water” wetness that is truly unique! Being able to offer silicone in this formula compliments its feel and with all the benefits of a water based lubricant, it is safe for all toy materials and has easy rinse-ability.

“At Wicked we’ve managed to deliver benefits that go above and beyond your typical slippery formula.”

Europe is a continent of many nations and cultures. Do you see any differences between the countries, or do all Wicked products sell equally well throughout the continent?
To be honest, this remains to be seen as we grow the territory. We‘re just as excited to see how different cultures take to our brand and formulas and which products become the most popular in different nations.

Presentation is an important aspect for every sales environment. What does Wicked currently offer in regards of POS materials or for websites?
We maintain an extensive B2B portal on our website which gives all of our customers access to marketing assets and graphics that can be used to showcase the brand in store or online.

We also have marketing pieces for brick and mortar stores that provide all the elements needed to give WSC a proper section and presence. These include simple yet highly effective essentials like section headers, shelf talkers, and consumer brochures for the taking.

Who distributes Wicked Sensual Care in Europe?
Our distribution network in Europe includes Shots Media, Marc Dorcel, and Scala Playhouse.

Are there any new products in the making right now that you can tell us more about? What can we expect from Wicked Sensual Care in the upcoming months?
If you’ve ever tasted one of our flavoured lubricants, your mouth has probably been watering for more ever sense. So great news! Before the year’s end – we’ll be coming out with some more flavours to satisfy sweet teeth worldwide.