Alicia Sinclair

“The Cowgirl’s thoughtful design redefines the riding style sex machine.”

Entrepreneur Alicia Sinclair has made a name for herself in the adult industry with recent innovations such as b-Vibe and Le Wand. Now, she brings us a new brand, called The Cowgirl. And given the exciting features of this sex machine, it looks like Alicia has lined up another consumer favourite. She collaborated with sex tech company Kiiroo to provide The Cowgirl with some interesting technological flourishes that are bound to create a lot of interest in the cam segment. But of course, The Cowgirl is not just for cam girls, as Alicia tells us in our EAN interview.


You presented the Cowgirl premium riding sex machine at eroFame last month. How did the visitors respond to the product?
Alicia Sinclair: Excited, thrilled, very interested. This style of luxurious sex machine has never before been available for retailers and distributors in the adult market.

What kind of product is the Cowgirl and why did you choose to start this new brand?
The Cowgirl is a riding-style sex machine. I choose to create this product because I felt that the current product available in the category needed significant updating to meet today’s modern consumer. I also believe that it has become increasingly more important that retailers create a unique experience in their stores- and The Cowgirl certainly provides a powerful experience.

Sex machines aren’t exactly beginner products… how would you describe the target audience for the Cowgirl?
While sex machines are not developed for beginners, there is quite a range of potential customers. We’ve already received interested from women who wish to experience powerful, full body orgasms, couples who are excited about the interactive possibility of using the product long-distance, Madame’s, Cam girls, and the Kink Community.

The development of The Cowgirl spanned three years

What makes the Cowgirl stand out from other sex machines on the market?
The Cowgirl’s thoughtful design redefines the riding style sex machine. This premium product embodies empowered sexuality, decadent self-pleasure and perfect amount of kink.
The style, sophistication, and technology of the product is best on the market. Additionally, our gorgeous marketing and branding, combined with the sex-positive educational video we’ve produced with Jessica Drake, elevate this category overall. We set a new standard of expectation of the sex machine.

Besides the machine itself, you also offer attachments, springs, and stems. What can you tell us about this aspect? Which attachments do you offer and how can the springs and stems be used?
The Cowgirl’s accessories pair modern form with superior functionality in the two included body-safe silicone attachments and a set of ten springs and stems. The Rawhide attachment is a textured silicone attachment for “bumping and grinding” at its best. The Wild West attachment allows users to blend their orgasm and intensify the experience with an insert-able, modern form. With the addition of a spring or plastic stem, the Wild West attachment becomes 360-degree, fully rotational internal form. Choose between the flexible give of a spring or solidness of a plastic stem.

The Cowgirl uses technology from sex tech company Kiiroo. How did they contribute to the product?
Here is direct information from Kiirro about exactly how the technology works: “The Cowgirl works with Kiiroo’s FeelConnect, FeelPerformer and FeelVR apps. Additionally, the Cowgirl is optimised for tipping on webcam. Customers can tip webcam performers, and control their vibration intensity. Using the FeelConnect App/ FeelPerformer App or the slider in the browser, users can control the vibration intensities of the Cowgirl. If the customer doesn’t have the app, or if it is not implemented on the cam site, they can use the slider in the browser (as just mentioned), the same goes for if the cam site has implemented the FeelConnect/FeelPerformer app. Watch a film on your pc or mobile and feel the vibrations mimicked on to the device. But, it is important to note that the motor of the Cowgirl isn’t as responsive as Kiiroo devices (yet). It takes time for the motor to get up to speed, which means the slow movements in the content look and feel great, but the very fast movements (in the content) the Cowgirl will just vibrate and will not give the illusion/feeling of penetration. Same goes for VR etc. Kiiroo devices can remotely control the Cowgirl, but there is no 2-way connection.”

Would you mind explaining the additional functionality you are currently working on that will launch early next year?
Currently, there is vibration and rotation, and we control both with one tip, but in future we will separate the vibration and rotation, so they can be individually controlled (with separate tips).
Two-way interactive toys will be able to record interactive webcam sessions – meaning that when you play a video, the performer can record the video and it will automatically subtitle at the same time for interactive playback for customers.

Any other additional information or points that are important to mention?
The FeelConnect, FeelPerformer and FeelVR apps are constantly being updated and in the coming months, we expect an overhaul and improvement on the UX and UI of the apps. This will make the usability and the connection between different platforms and devices even more seamless and enjoyable.

Courtesy of sex tech pioneer Kiiroo, the sex machine comes equipped with technology for online interactivity

The Cowgirl has been optimised for tipping webcam performers. Is this one of your main markets for the product?
We confidently see this market as one of great importance because the interactive potential and unique experience it creates for both performers and their viewers.

How much time did you invest in the development of the Cowgirl, and what were the biggest challenges on the way to the finished product?
We’ve invested about three years in the development of The Cowgirl. The biggest challenge was to create this very sophisticated product by connecting many different, new technologies.

Which channels of distribution do you use to get the Cowgirl out there?
We sell this product through our exclusive distribution partners, premium retail partners, and in the United States, we also sell direct to consumer.

How do marketing and advertising differ from normal sex toys such as a vibrator or a masturbation sleeve when it comes to selling a product like the Cowgirl?
A product at this price point and level of technology requires a big invest in education to our distribution partners, retailers, and especially to the end user. We have heavily invested in partnerships with Kiiroo and with Jessica Drake to help convey the easy to understand instructions through a video platform. It’s very important to invest in consumer knowledge for a product such as The Cowgirl. We want the user to love and truly enjoy their sex machine for many years.