Each product in the Lola Games collections is aimed to bring pleasure and benefits to the users

The customer needs to be at the centre of all considerations that happen during product development. This line is probably found in every marketing guide out there – and for a reason. It is one of the most important prerequisites for lasting success, and Lola Games is living proof of that. The company was started four years ago, in it has launched an impressive number of products and collections, all of which are made with the consumers’ needs and wishes in mind, as Anna Demina, Lola Games’ Brand Manager, explains. In our EAN interview, we talk about the philosophy and the products of the Moscow-based company.

Lola Games is a Russia-based company with a very diverse brand portfolio based. Since when have you been active in the market and would you mind giving us an overview of your company?
Anna Demina: The story of our brand began in 2015 in Moscow, Russia. All products are developed to meet modern requirements and suit the needs of the consumers. That is why we pay close attention to details and do everything to make our products look fancy.
We specialise in silicone toys, realistic toys, vacuum pumps, metal plugs, hand-made genuine leather accessories, and lubricants.
The goal is to create a product line that can satisfy all the needs of retail shops and end consumers.

Could you tell us a bit about the history of Lola Games? How would you describe the philosophy behind the company?
Lola Games was founded at a time when strong demand for adult toys started emerging among the population of our country. Firstly, the mission of the company was to challenge stereotypes about sex and sexuality, and now that we have succeeded with our first goal, the mission becomes to inspire and satisfy the human spirit, to help people go further in knowing themselves.

The market for erotic products has a lot of strong players and brands. How do you set Lola Games apart from other brands in the market?
That’s right, there are a lot of strong players in the market now, and frankly speaking, that’s good news. We are happy to be a part of such an important sphere. We try not to look at other brands, we focus more on what we can do for the market. For instance, it’s not a secret that most brands produce in China. But we have manufacturing in Russia as well.
We appreciate all the feedback from our customers and always find new solutions for their requests. We always focus on their wishes and do our best, working on new shapes and perfecting designs to satisfy them.

The mini vibrator Teasing Ears from Lola Games’ Universe collection

With over 20 labels and hundreds or products, your range is too extensive to list everything here. But could you give us an overview of your portfolio? Is there anything that all your brands have in common?
We produce toys for people. We use only modern and skin-friendly materials and pay close attention to each detail while developing and manufacturing toys. We always draw upon feedback from our customers and include their suggestions. Lola Games’ clients are the most important part of our team: They are our advisers and critics.
We are all different, that is why Lola Games has such a huge range of collections and products. And there are many more yet to come! But the core concept is that we produce items that become an essential part of a happy person’s lifestyle – a person who is in a harmony with their body and soul.

Do you have a brand or a product that is particularly successful or stands out for other reasons?
Each product in the Lola Games collections is aimed to bring pleasure and benefits to the users. So, maybe it’s not fair to single out one of them, but among our new arrivals, I would maybe emphasise the Universe collection. It is a line of mini vibrators for all outer erogenous zones and for G-spot stimulation. They have 10 vibration functions that are very powerful. They are no more than 13cm in length and it’s easier than ever to use them with a partner or alone. We sell them in bright colours that are popular among modern women.

What is particularly important to you when developing a product or brand?
The customers’ expectations, of course. Since I am not only a brand-manager, but also a sexologist, developing sex toys for me goes beyond just marketing campaigns. The critical problems of sexual life among people all over the world are the anorgasmy, erection problems, and monotonous sex. So, each time we start developing a new collection for Lola Games, we begin with research. And we only move on to the next step when we have the necessary information. But sex toys should not only solve sexual problems, they also be pieces of art. That is why we have a pool of designers for developing new shapes and good-looking packaging for our toys.

Do you offer POS materials for retail stores or supportive material for online shops?
Certainly. We can provide our customers with holders for toys, banners, videos, print advertising materials, and what is more important is that we can meet all our clients’ wishes and develop all kind of POS-materials in a one-by-one manner.

You will have your own booth at eroFame. What will you be presenting there and why should the visitors visit your stand?
This year, we will be presenting Lola Games at eroFame for the second time. And this time, we are very excited to introduce several new collections. For example, the new line of lingerie for strap-on “No Mercy”. We have used high-quality vegan leather and exclusive designs. Moreover, new sex toys will also be presented at our booth. Our vibrator collection “Fantasy” includes a range of truly fantastic options for getting a perfect orgasm because of their unique shape.

The vibrating anal plug Excellence from Lola Games’ Spice It Up collection

In the last couple of years, there have been political tensions between Russia and countries in Western Europe. Is this something you are feeling in your business or are concerned about?
We are happy to work at the adult toys market and to communicate with people who help others to actualise their wishes and feel happier. By communicating and sharing ideas, we have found a lot of friends, like-minded people, and partners all over the world in recent years.

Who can retailers turn to if they want to know more about your products or offer them in their stores?
We are proud to work with Intimate Distribution – they are the official European distributor of Lola Games. All contacts and information are provided on their website: www.intimatedistribution.com.
And for sure, we are always happy to hear from retailers. Here is our website: www.lolagames.net. Also, retailers leave a direct message on our Instagram account: @lolagames_official

What are Lola Games’ goals for the future?
We have a “customer first” mindset, and our goals for the future are to keep living up to that. Our purpose is to understand the unmet needs and desires of the customers and launch more high-quality adult toys to delight them. We have a clear vision of the future of the adult industry and it guides our strategies of increasing the quality of sexual life for people all over the world.