Elisa Duran of Nuei

“We believe that a brand has to deliver the best customer service possible.”

No one can say with absolute certainty what the Virgin Mary would have thought of the latest product from Spanish company Nuei. Maybe she’d have liked it just as much as the people who tested the product during the development phase – their response was a loud “Oh, Holy Mary!” We wanted to know why this lubricant – which contains cannabis seed oil – has been such a huge hit with the users and what plans the company has for the European market, so we asked Nuei Sales Manager Elisa Durán for an interview.


Nuei is still a young brand, it just turned two in 2016. How did the first two years go for your brand?
Elisa Durán: The word that best describes these two years is growth. Nuei penetrated the Spanish market quickly and steadily and the feedback we receive from our clients is even better than we expected, so we are very pleased!

Since the very beginning, we have been focusing on introducing and creating a brand based on our hot spots: high quality, natural and healthy products, and surprising the senses through aromas, flavours, and sensations, as well as working hand in hand with our trade customers to develop individually customised marketing campaigns that help them to increase their store sales.


You have just released a new line called Oh! Holy Mary. Why did you choose this name and what can you tell us about the products?
Oh! Holy Mary started with the idea of developing a line of products based on cannabis. After a year of intense testing and re-formulations, we finally achieved the desired effect. When consumer test groups tried the first version of the product, some reactions were like: “Santa Maria!” (Oh, Holy Molly!). We started joking about “Maria”, making reference to both, the drug and to the virgin Mary… Religion and marihuana were two fun concepts to fuse. We knew we could hurt sensibilities but… isn´t it transgression crucial for innovation?

There are two products under the name Oh! Holy Mary. One is a water-based lubricant with warming effect that generates desire when applied since it raises the temperature in the area, which leads to an increased sensitivity that, together with the herbal aroma, produces a relaxing and pleasant mood ready for action.

The other product, the Oh! Holy Mary pleasure oil, is a super potent orgasm enhancer, totally different from what it is in the market nowadays. Firstly, it does not generate heat or cold. Just apply a tiny drop of the oil on the clitoris or the penis glans, and it feels like if you are being tickled. The tingling sensation does not leave anyone indifferent. Also, due to the cannabis seed oil, the effect lasts for over 40-45 minutes! One characteristic that makes this product so popular is that the effect increases progressively as your excitement rises.

Also, another use that we did not think of at the beginning but some participants in the testing groups highlighted, is that the oil in contact with your mouth enhances saliva production, leading to great oral sex.

You use cannabis seeds as one of the ingredients of Oh! Holy Mary. Which effects does this have? How is it different from lubes not using this ingredient?
Many people ask if Oh! Holy Mary is a drug. The answer is, of course not! Cannabis seed oil does not contain THC so there is no health problem related to its use. Nevertheless, the oil extracted from the seeds has been proven to have many beneficial properties for our body and our skin. It hydrates and softens the skin, avoiding dryness (very typical and annoying effect in products that generate tingling sensations). In addition, the oil from cannabis seeds is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which are beneficial for our cardiovascular system.

Nuei puts much emphasis on customer research before releasing a product. What was particularly well received by the customers testing Oh! Holy Mary?
Over 100 people tried the Oh! Holy Mary products before they were released on the market and what was more striking to us was the feedback we received for the pleasure oil… People were so surprised by its effect! They described it as something different and fun. We have to take into account that, over the last years, people have become more open, well-informed, and willing to try erotic products and cosmetics, so they have become more and more demanding over time. It is not easy to surprise them nowadays!

Actually, once Oh! Holy Mary was released, many of our customers, who are more than used to trying everything they sell in their stores, were gladly surprised to see that the product was, indeed, different! Being able to generate this feeling of excitement and intrigue is what really makes us proud of Oh! Holy Mary.

“Cannabis seed oil does not contain THC so there is no health problem related to its use. Nevertheless, the oil extracted from the seeds has been proven to have many beneficial properties for our body and our skin.”

Are there other aspects that are especially important to you when it comes to your products?
At Nuei, we aimed to be different from other brands from the very beginning. There are two key features that we work on day by day:
On one hand, product quality. Our main focus has always been to develop high quality products, based on natural ingredients that are accessible to everyone (diabetics, vegans, celiacs).

Since we are talking about intimate care products, the senses play a crucial role. Nuei uses aromas and textures that help awaken senses and increase pleasure through brain chemistry stimulation.

On the other hand: Service, service, and more service. We believe that a brand has to deliver the best customer service possible. At Nuei, we help our clients sell more by providing them with training, by increasing demand in our product in their shops, and by designing personalised promotionas that satisfy their particular needs. We are constantly working on new marketing campaigns that help our customers to innovate at the point of sale and set themselves apart from their competitors.
Actually, I have to say that we have learnt a lot from them and we are grateful for all the feedback they give us every day.

Could you tell us a bit more about the other products of Nuei? What is your current best-seller?
Our current best-seller is Oh! Holy Mary pleasure oil! We knew people would like it but to be honest, it has exceeded our most optimistic expectations!

In the Inlube line of water-based natural lubricants, the marshmallow flavour is the king in Spain. Dense and long lasting but not sticky at all and extremely delicious! Thor, a unisex orgasm enhancer, has been one of our best-sellers from day one as well. One drop and you can feel pure fire burning.

Last, but not least, strawberry and watermelon hot oils are also among our best-sellers. Fun to play with and tease your partner, they provide some of the most intense warming effect among this type of product. Plus, due to its intense and realistic aromas, our customers love to use them for oral sex too.

Which trends do you currently see in the market for lubes and personal care products? What’s important to the consumer?
As I stated before, nowadays, there is much more information about sex, erotic products, and personal care products so people are well-informed and have a clear idea of what they want and what they need. Some years ago, anything would surprise them but now it is harder to do that.

I think people are more conscious of the environment and safety, too, so they want to buy products that are as natural as possible while also being body-safe and not animal-tested.

Oh Holy Mary Pleasure Oil
One of the ingedients of Oh! Holy Mary pleasure oil is Cannabis seed oil

Nuei is based in Barcelona, Spain. Do you see any differences between your home market and the rest of Europe when it comes to lubes and other personal care products?
We are just starting our expansion throughout Europe so it is a bit early for me to respond to this question with facts and numbers. Let´s talk about it next year!

Is Nuei currently developing new products? What can we look forward to in the near future?
We are developing several products at the moment, but I guess it´s better to maintain the intrigue! I can tell you, as a spoiler, that we are working on a herbal line, that some sets are coming out soon, and that you will hear names such as Zoom!