“Fetish is ever evolving, and the demographic is getting younger.”

Mister B’s Urban collection has turned into a veritable evergreen, so it is only logical that the fetish company continue to introduce new products and further flesh out the brand. Just recently, they added several newly designed underwear items. Mister B Brand Manager Tony de Wilde has more information about these latest additions in our EAN interview.

Mister B recently gave its Urban line an update. What have you added to the line?
Tony de Wilde: Yes, we’ve added some fun sexy new underwear styles to the collection. They are available in five different colour combinations and three different styles. These styles are named after the cities where Mister B has a brand store, so we have the Mister B Urban Amsterdam Brief, the Mister B Antwerp Jock Brief, and the Mister B Berlin Jockstrap. With the nice front pouch to give you the perfect bulge.

How would you describe the appeal of Urban? Which image do you want to convey with the apparel and who wears it or is your target audience?
I would describe Mister B Urban as a collection of sporty yet sexy underwear styles that are comfortable for everyday us but are also perfect sexy jocks to wear to a party or during play. The Mister B Urban underwear matches perfectly with the Mister B Urban Football socks so you can create a perfect outfit. To be honest, the target audience is basically any man who loves wearing underwear and who loves to show off his best ASSets.

The Urban line has been on the market for four years now. How has the line changed during this time?
The designs have become a bit more sporty with the Mister B branded elastic band and a bit sleazier with the cut and the overall mesh fabric.

Why did you choose to focus more on underwear within the Urban line instead of Streetwear?
In the beginning, we focused on creating a wide range of products within the Mister B Urban collection, from underwear to streetwear and even swimwear. Right now, we are focusing more on the underwear since these are pieces of clothing (almost) everybody uses and enjoys.

How does the Urban collection and its underwear fit into the overall (fetish) portfolio of Mister B?
Fetish is ever evolving, and the demographic is getting younger. Next to our Leather, Rubber, and Neoprene gear – and of course our wide range of BDSM and sex toys – underwear is the perfect kind of product to add to the mix. Also, why not wear your favourite brand underneath your jeans on a daily basis.

How should the Urban collection be presented in a retail environment – be it online or brick and mortar – for maximum effect?
For this particular line, we created some awesome imagery that can be used online to promote the brand and the products in webshops. All the underwear is packaged in a standard Mister B packaging, with a clear sticker on the front with the product image on it. Of course, it is always good to have a sample out of the package to give the customer an idea of the look and feel of the fabric.

Which role does apparel play for the business of Mister B when compared to other products like sex toys or accessories?
It depends. If you look at apparel just from a textile perspective it is a really big element of our assortment, while clearly not the biggest part. If you look at clothing/gear in general, – i.e. if you also count the leather, rubber, and neoprene products – it is a whole different story.

What trends can you see in the underwear segment for men right now?
What we have seen over the last few years is that underwear design has become more crazy and colourful, with all over prints etc. Thos are still popular but what I notice is that lately, customers are going back to basics in terms of underwear design and styles. They still like bold colours but the all over prints are getting less attention.

Speaking of other types of products: Have there been any recent product launches by Mister B we should be aware of?
Sure, we are releasing new products every month. Our WAD (Weapons off Ass Destruction) dildo collection is doing very well, and we are expanding the line. Apart from that, the Mister B Fucktools are also a great seller. And there are a lot more things coming this year.

What are the next steps you have planned for the Urban brand?
We plan to expand the Mister B Urban assortment with a yearly release of new styles. And of course, we keep a close eye on the market to see what new trends are on the horizon.