Frédéric Donnat

Frédéric Donnat on natural products made in France

Mother nature is the only source Divinextases trust when it comes to the ingredients of their lubricants, massage oils, etc. But the company’ dedication to environmental awareness doesn’t stop there, as Frédéric Donnat tells EAN. Naturally, another big topic of our interview is the increasing demand for organic products in the adult market.


When did you start Divinextases, and why did you decide to get into the market for bio cosmetics?
Frédéric Donnat: We are a laboratory and have specialised in manufacturing organic products for French companies since 2009. In 2011, we launched Divinextases to fill a gap in the erotic cosmetics market.

You describe Divinextases as the first erotic bio cosmetics brand. But what is the definition of an ‘erotic bio cosmetics brand’?
We specialise in the manufacture and marketing of purely organic products. We have two certificates, one for the company and one for the products, obtained via the French association ‘Nature et Progrès’ who have strict selection process and only certify 100% organic products. We are also proud to be able to use the label ‘ecoemballages’, for the recycling and management of our waste products.
Because of the reasons mentioned above, Divinextases is the first 100% organic erotic cosmetics brand.

Divinextases Products Photo

All your products are plant-based. Which plants exactly do you use, and which effects do they have?
We use the natural products of the best quality to optimise the effects. In anal lubricants, we use shea cream for better penetration, lavender oil and clove for anaesthetic effects and anal relaxation. We also use calendula in orgasmic gels, and vanilla and gardenia as an aphrodisiac in massage oils.

Are you working with independent test labs or NGOs to certify the quality of your products?
All the products in Divinextases are certified as non-toxic by ‘Label Bio Francais’. All the products have gone through all the necessary tests.

In which other aspects do your products distinguish themselves from your competition?
In France, it is deemed hypocrisy to talk about sex the way you do in the northern part of Europe. Even though our products are of very high quality, it is impossible to gain any rewards.

Could you give us an overview of the products in your range?
There are eight product categories. Lubricants – non-scented lubricant, scented lubricant (raspberry), and anal lubricant. These products are not sticky, do not dry off, and they keep you hydrated because we use 100% vegetable fat and 0% water. Anal Relaxing – essential oil of lavender and clove essential oil. Orgasmic Gel – enriched with calendula. Sextoy Cleaner – essential oil (tea and menthol herb) for cleaning sex toys. Massage Oils – Mandarin-cinnamon massage oil and gardenia-vanilla massage oil. These products are accompanied by support tools for the retailers, such as testers, samples, point of sale advertising materials, and posters.


All your products bear the seal ‘Made in France’. What does this seal signify?
We manufacture and package all the products in our laboratory in the Provence, in the South-East of France. This guarantees distribution, and since all products are 100% Made in France, they are also recognised by the French Ministry of Industry.

Is there a special consumer group you are aiming for with your products?
We are focusing on consumers who want products that increase pleasure, but with zero risk of any allergic reaction and no undesirable effects during intimate hours.

More and more consumers want organic products, whether they’re shopping for groceries, cosmetics, textiles, etc. They want products that are made in a resource-friendly and environmentally compatible way under fair working conditions. Can you see a lot of demand for such products in the adult market as well?
The adult erotic market is not traditionally a market for organic erotic products. There are many products made with chemicals and cheap imports from China – with these products, there is an increased risk of allergic reactions during intimate times. And as a result, women and the homosexual community realise how important this is.

What makes products with organic ingredients different from those with conventional ones? What are the advantages for the customer?
We use 0% paraben, phenoxyethanol, palm oil, alcohol, water, silicone, artificial colours, artificial aromas…. Our products are 100% natural, which changes everything for the consumer. There is zero possibility of an allergic reaction or irritation. The texture is very soft and runny, which is great to touch.

Why did it take so long for the adult market to respond to the growing popularity of organic products?
Initially a market of erotic and sexual sensation, this market is more and more influenced by women, because women take more initiative and are more concerned about allergies than men.


Are you worried that terms and labels such as ‘natural ingredients’, ‘organic’, etc. might be misused for the sake of marketing?
The way we present Divinextases to our consumers is absolutely accurate: a high quality brand, 100% organic and Made in France.

Sustainability also means making sure that your ingredients are produced in an ecological fashion, e.g. with a minimal use of pesticides and preferably not in mono-cultural settings. Where do you get your resources and which aspects are especially important for you when picking them?
Our manufacturing methods, the materials we use, our suppliers, and our accounts are verified and certified by the French seal of quality. This guarantees production quality and the high quality of the organic materials we use.

How do you market your products? Which channels of distribution do you tap into?
We primarily distribute our products as adult products, using channels like stores and e-commerce, but we also use big pharmaceutical chain stores.

Are you looking for European distribution partners for your products? If so, do you prefer working directly with the retailers, or do you favour doing business with distributors and wholesalers?
In France, we work with Easy Love, the first French network of love shops, Les 3 Suisses (mail order), Netcom (e-commerce) … But as far as exports are concerned, we are looking for collaborations with distributors and wholesalers. Right now, we have distributors in UK (Net 1on1), in Belgium (Wahou), in Italy (Le Tentatione), in Sweden (Fame X), and in Slovenia (Venera Shop). We wish to develop our brand in Europe, that’s also why we participate at eroFame every year.

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