Gold Club SF VR

“The Gold Club SF VR experience is unlike anything out there in the VR space right now.”

The possible applications of virtual reality tech are the topic of lively debate. Across many markets, people are exploring interesting and innovative ways of using VR. One such project is Gold Club SF VR, a virtual gentlemen’s club that offers a unique, immersive, interactive experience. The users can feast their eyes on dancers from the legendary Gold Club in San Francisco or on popular performers from the world of adult entertainment – and you can either watch their stage performance or enjoy a private show with one, two or even three dancers. And naturally, they shed their sexy lingerie in the process. So, the users can enjoy the atmosphere and joys of a gentlemen’s club from the comfort of their own home. All they need is a VR headset. To learn more about this unique project, EAN asked the VRClubz team and the team of Gold Club SF VR for an interview.


First off, please explain to our readers: What is Gold Club SF?
The Gold Club SF is one of the most iconic gentlemen’s clubs in the world. Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco, it’s where the players from all the top gaming and tech companies go for lunch, with a world-famous buffet that is only rivalled by a never-ending roster of the most beautiful women America has to offer.

Why did you decide to add a virtual dimension to Gold Club SF?
Gold Club SF is in the heart of the tech and financial district in San Francisco; the hottest technology and gaming design ideas are sparked right here during lunch with the top engineers and designers of the most powerful tech firms in the world. We wanted to help foster technological advancements and ideas; immersive tech has a place in our industry and in our club.

What can you tell us about Gold Club SF VR? What experiences await the user here?
The Gold Club SF VR experience is unlike anything out there in the VR space right now. We partnered with one of the top adult VR gaming companies, modeVR, which has already produced blockbusters in this space like Temptation Towers and VixenVR. Their team is stacked with film creators and game developers, led by Daniel DiLallo, a former lead designer at Activision. He is world-renowned for his work on Guitar Hero and Call of Duty. The vision for this game was to make it as real as possible so the user can have the most realistic Gentlemen’s Club experience to date!

Screenshot Gold Club VR
Gold Club SF VR offers a realistic gentlemen’s club experience

In your official press release, you describe a ‘truly unique gaming experience’. Would you mind giving us some more details?
Gold Club SF VR features a unique blend of video production and game development never before seen in a video game. The experience is both immersive and interactive – the filmed girls come to life, they know who you are, if you are tipping them, if you are looking at them – even if you go to the bathroom. It’s like watching a movie where the environment takes on a life of its own and everyone on screen knows what you are doing and reacts based on your actions.

Was it a long process to get from the initial idea to opening the Club? Which technical challenges had to be overcome along the way?
This was definitely a challenge. There are so many moving parts when you create experiences that combine game development and film production. You are working with two separate “beasts” that have to be morphed into one. In the end, they have to be able to communicate with each other for a cohesive and compelling experience. Streaming multiple 360 3D videos inside a game and creating seamless transitions between the videos without the user knowing is just one of many challenges that we faced! We couldn’t store the videos inside the game; it would require 50 gigabyte to download, so we had to stream everything which was another major challenge. Our microtransaction system is one of the most advanced payment systems built into the game. It knows when the user is spending money and on what – making it fun to spend cash just like in the brick mortar clubs. There is also the dynamic lighting system inside the game that gives the girls shadows and allows light to bounce off them to make them blend in with the environment effectively. Honestly, the list goes on and on but was all worth it!

Which clientele are you catering to? Who is the target audience for Gold Club SF VR?
The VRClubz are modelled after world-famous brick and mortar gentlemen’s clubs that most people will never be able to travel to and experience. Gamers can now enter a virtual world where they can have a similar experience from the privacy of their own homes.  Another great thing about virtual reality is it has the potential to provide the user with an even better experience virtually than they would have at the club. They can be up close and personal with the performers, and have the option to view multiple types of lap dances, including fully nude, which is not allowed in many clubs that serve alcohol. The performers in our virtual world are also available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. Moreover, there are no lines, no door cover, and no dress code – consumers can enjoy the experience whenever and however ever they want.

Gold Club SF VR
On set

What kind of hardware does the user need to enjoy the Gold Club SF VR experience? What are the technological requirements?
We have created three versions of our game: straight PC that does not rely on any virtual reality headset, you just need a decent computer; Oculus and HTC Vive; and we are working on an OSVR version.

Do you think that virtual reality will become mainstream technology in the future, or will it always remain a niche product?
Absolutely, we believe it will go mainstream. It’s such a powerful technology and truly unique experience – once you try it you can’t help but want more. We think the type of experiences available in VR need to be more diverse, which is big reason why we are trying to take the technology in a new and exciting direction.

Do you offer memberships? How are the users billed?
We offer four types of memberships: 1 day for $1, 1 month for $9.95 which includes $15 in club cash, 3 months for $7.95 per month which includes $25 in club cash, and the Mack daddy, 1 year for $5.95 a month which comes with many cool freebies including free Christy Mack content, Kendra Lust, Reya Sunshine and Alexis Monroe. We also created a special coupon code for your readers – promo code vrclubz and they will get 60% off. Enjoy the clubs!

How have the consumers responded to your product thus far?
So far, we the response has been great, people are asking for more! They want to visit other clubs from around the world, from Japan to London. If you have an amazing club that you feel needs to be enjoyed and visited by fans around the world 24 hours a day all year long, please email us at “e want to hear from you and make your club a virtual reality.

Gold Club SF Vr Event
At the opening party, the guests got to experience the unique VR simulation

Does Gold Club SF VR demonstrate that the possibilities of VR are virtually endless?
Yes, it does! Our Creative Director, Daniel DiLallo, is a true visionary; he’s been combining film and games for over a decade. He is responsible for the advancements in Guitar Hero live when he first began prototyping the live cinematic crowds for concerts. The Holy Grail is to be the user in a film-quality experience that has all the interactive capabilities of a game. Daniel has made that his mission and the Gold Club SF VR has that next level design built into it.

Could you imagine bringing other establishments, such as casinos, into the virtual world?
The vision for is to pull together all the best aspects of nightlife in an interactive virtual world – including dance clubs, gentlemen’s clubs, and much more. If you are looking for a fun night out but don’t want to leave your house, or if you just want to go have fun with your buddies that live in another state or country, we will be the one-stop shop experience provider for that.