Gorden Hielscher

“Our target audience is men with a strong sense of aesthetics.”

One of the reasons people wear jewellery is because it sets them apart from others, it allows them to demonstrate their taste, their style. It should look good, it should have class, and usually, it’s okay if it’s a bit on the expensive side. The products of Titan Cockrings fit right in with these criteria. As the name of the Berlin-based company suggests, they create exclusive cock rings made from titanium. Founder Gorden Hilscher tells us why the team picked titanium as the material for their rings, and what other qualities these pieces of intimate jewellery have.


Titanium is an unusual material for an intimate object? So why did you decide to make your cock rings from titanium? What is so special about this metal?
Gorden Hielscher: All Titan Cockrings products are made from the hardest titanium alloy there is, Ti6AL4V. Compared to pure titanium, it is twice as deformation resistant and offers an extraordinary level of hardness. This means the structure and contours of our products are basically eternal. They are extremely robust and basically impervious to superficial damage such as scratches or cracks.

Due to its resiliency and light weight, our titanium is much better suited for our purposes than pure high-grade steel, gold, or silver. Our intimate titanium jewellery is perfectly skin-friendly, it causes basically no allergic reactions, and it adapts to the body temperature.

All of these qualities guarantee that our hand-made, individualised jewellery will last for a long, long time without ever losing its exceptional quality or beauty

Cockrings by Titan Cockrings

How would you describe your company: Are you sex toy/cock ring designers, or are you artisans and craftspeople? What is the corporate philosophy of Titan Cockrings?
Titan Cockrings stands for timeless, clearly-defined designs, and since we cater to the personal wishes of our demanding customers, we are as much artisans as we are service providers.

Our philosophy is to create artful products of the utmost quality, and that’s exactly what we are doing at Titan Cockrings. Our focus is not on mass production, but on giving each product an individual character – the customers can have the cockrings customised in terms of size and colours, but also with respect to engravings, coatings, additional materials such as gemstones, etc.

Anything you can imagine, we can do. We are only working with partners who share our dedication to quality. Also, we only use materials that we buy here in Germany from carefully selected partners. All of our products are created in collaboration with a specialised titanium jeweller.

Were there points of contact with the adult industry before, or is Titan Cockrings your first foray into this industry?
We looked at the available products in this market, and seeing as we already had a collaboration with a specialised titanium jeweller, we decided to make products for the male intimate area more appealing and more personal. So, yes, Titan Cockrings marks our first step in this industry.

Cockrings made of titan

Apart from titanium cock rings, you also offer products made from gold, ceramic, and red gold. Would you mind telling us more about your product range? And how would you classify your cock rings: elegant sex toys or jewellery?
Our cock rings are high-quality jewellery, first and foremost, however, they offer the same functionality as a top-notch sex toy. These exclusive intimate adornments are accessories that combine sensual moments and aesthetic beauty, all in one, extraordinary design. They are made by hand and with a great eye for detail. Currently, we have five different design categories for our jewellery, including: natural design, ceramic design with tasteful inlays, and also black rings, golden rings, or red gold rings, for which we use premium-quality coatings.

Moreover, customers can order cock rings with special gemstones, designed according to their personal requests. And that’s not all: Customers can have their cock ring engraved – to achieve top quality, we use CNC technology for these engravings as it guarantees a 100% accurate copy of the template, be it letters, symbols, hand-written texts, or a fingerprint.

So as you can see, there are lots of different ways to create a truly unique piece of intimate jewellery.

How would you describe the target audience for Titan Cockrings products?
Our target audience is men with a strong sense of aesthetics who are all about style, lifestyle, and class. Our luxurious intimate jewellery appeals to more discerning customers who want timeless, extraordinary adornments, either for themselves or as a gift for their partner.

Penisrings made of titan

Who can retailers turn to if they want to add Titan Cockrings to their range?
Interested trade members can get an overview of our first-class products on our website. We are also ready to create special collections in line with personal wishes. The various ways of contacting us are all detailed on our website www.titan-cockrings.de. And of course, we are always available to our customers.

Are there plans to expand your range, maybe even to add products from another segment of the adult market, say, dildos?
We are still a very young company that’s just coming out of the gate. Therefore, we are going to focus on the design of exclusive cock rings for the time being. But of course, we want to grow with our products, so it’s definitely a possibility that, at some point, we add other products such as dildos or anal plugs to our range.

We already have a few ideas about how to make our products even more innovative and diverse. Once we have new products to show for, we’d be happy to present them in EAN magazine.