“I came onto market with HighOnLove at the right time.”

HighOnLove had its big debut in Europe at eroFame 2019, marking the end of the introduction phase for Angela Mustone’s brand. In our EAN interview, we ask Angela how she experienced this early phase in the life of the brand and what is next for HighOnLove, now that the foundation is laid. We also discuss the potential of products containing CBD and/or THC since these substances are still prohibited in many countries.

It is not so long ago that you came on the market with your brand HighOnLove. How did you experience the ‘start-up period’?
Angela Mustone: My previous years of experience at California Exotic Novelties has helped me understand the sexual wellness market and what the consumers really want. So, when it came to HighOnLove, I knew my target audiences and how to market effectively. While the beginning year was still a build-up period to progress the HighOnLove brand, this was an effective time to greatly increase our brand identity.

Are you satisfied with how your brand has developed so far?
HighOnLove has been getting a great reaction from the media – and our consumer base has been consistently growing, too! We now have various mainstream retailers we are working with such as askderm and have opened an Amazon store. With growing attention from the consumers and media, I am very satisfied with how HighOnLove has developed so far.

The competition never sleeps – in retrospect, would you say that you came onto the market with HighOnLove at the right time?
Yes – I came onto market with HighOnLove at the right time. As previously noted, my experience in California Exotic Novelties gave me insight into the types of adult products that would appeal to women and the dearth of those types of products in the market. So I saw an opportunity to develop high-quality sexual wellness products that could really help women embrace their sensual sides.

In October 2019, your brand made its European debut at the eroFame. How was the response?
Retailers at eroFrame really loved HighOnLove because of the luxurious quality of the line of products. HighOnLove looks to provide and perfect every intimate experience with premium grade ingredients, beautiful packaging, and superior design and this really caught the eye of many retailers. We also have so many Point of Sale material to offer to the stores.

Were you also able to win over many distributors at eroFame? Where can retailers in Europe purchase your products?
HighOnLove was able to sign an exclusive deal with Ann Summers for the UK market. It is exciting to see leading retailers such as Ann Summers to distribute our line of products.

At launch, HighOnLove had five products on offer. How has your hemp oil-based line changed since then?
HighOnLove has collaborated with CalExotics to create an exclusive set of Stimulating Orgasm Oil and Grace Palm Massager, launched January 2020.

We also have a Lip Gloss for Couples that was launched in November 2019 to add to our collection. Lip Gloss for Couples is designed to plump and hydrate the lips making it feel irresistibly kissable while enhancing foreplay by increasing sensitivity and exciting the intimate areas.

For all those who don’t know your products yet: What are their unique selling points and what role does hemp oil play?
HighOnLove products are vegan, chemical-free, and cruelty-free products made with premium grade hemp seed oil and other nutrient-rich ingredients from the highest quality international suppliers. These skin-friendly formulas provide revolutionary intimate experiences and a level of smoothness only hemp seed oil can provide.

Besides the high-quality ingredients of your products, the overall appearance of your brand also stands out. How important is this for the success of HighOnLove? And how important is it to be perceived as a brand in order not to get lost in the flood of new products?
The opulent bottle designs bring forth the heightened style and luxury of HighOnLove products. This helps create an entire experience for women – the opportunity to enjoy high-end indulgences while promoting their well-being. Our beautiful designs also allow for the breaking down of taboo associated with sexual wellness products. Instead of hiding the products, you can have them out for display on your nightstand as an accessory.

Details such as bottle designs do matter in order to stand out amongst the competitors. HighOnLove‘s ability to create a full experience can really help differentiate itself.

You have also developed a THC/CBD line, but its breakthrough will probably depend on how the legislation around cannabis continues here in Europe. Do you hope to be able to publish the line in Europe in the next few years?
Yes! I am hoping to get HighOnLove’s line of products in various markets in Europe. It is definitely in my plans for the next few years – with more details to come as the legislation around cannabis in Europe changes.

In the USA, it seems that products containing THC/CBD are clearly on the rise. How big do you estimate the market potential of these products?
There is a huge market potential of THC/CBD infused sexual wellness products. Especially with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, THC/CBD products have become more of a trend. As it is now, this industry will continue to grow at an extremely fast pace!

What will happen with HighOnLove this year? What is your target for 2020?
This year, HighOnLove will focus on increasing and growing the brand identity. We will target for more collaborations and launches to provide consumers with more variety and to grow our brand.