“I see a ton of potential.”

Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear has been taking steps to expand in markets outside the United States. One of these steps was to secure the services of Jeff Montgomery, who is now the company’s International Marketing Manager. This means that Jeff is will be working to strengthen the Liberator brand in Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific. Of course, EAN asked him for the obligatory welcome interview.

Would you mind telling us how you got to work for Liberator and what it was like joining this company?
Jeff Montgomery: I have been following the brand for a few years now. I’ve always thought that Liberator products are very innovative and stylish. When I heard about an open opportunity, I jumped at the chance to work for a company I respect so much.

What attracted you to this job and this new challenge?
Liberator makes unique products and the opportunity to introduce standout products to new markets is really exciting. We are really the only brand that makes this kind of positioning furniture which gives us a great opportunity to find new customers all over the world.

How should we envision the duties and challenges of an International Marketing Manager?
An international Marketing Manager should have a vast understanding of international markets and the ability to work with and appreciate the needs of customers. I work with our partners all over the world and I’m passionate about listening to their needs and providing them with what they need to meet their goals.

What are your expectations and what are your goals going into this job?
I expect that this will be one of our best years. We have some exciting new products coming out that I think customers will love. I’m excited about our initiative to provide our business customers with more marketing support as we prepare for the holiday season.

Which ideas, concepts, and plans do you want to realise at Liberator?
I’m working with our team to help streamline the B2B ordering process. This will improve the ease and accuracy of the order processing, that benefits everyone. I want to continue to grow the brand with the same commitment to quality and innovation that customers have come to expect.

“I want to continue to grow the brand with the same commitment to quality and innovation that customers have come to expect.”

What did you do professionally before entering the adult industry?
I worked in marketing and sales for a few different Fortune 500 Companies. I have always had a creative streak and I have continued to freelance as a video editor and illustrator for close to ten years now. I found my way into the adult industry when I was asked to model for a video but instead offered to edit it. From that point I continued to make myself valuable as I transitioned to new roles.

To what extent will this past experience help you in this new field of action?
My experiences have shown me that the time and energy it takes to master a process is always worth it.

How much potential do you see for Liberator in this increasingly competitive marketplace?
I see a ton of potential. We have a product line that changes lives and we are in a position where we can pivot quickly to respond to change.

Is there anything you‘d like to tell our readers about Jeff Montgomery, the private person?
I would like to say that I honestly enjoy what I do. I think it is amazing that I am able to connect with people all over the world and ultimately create a shared experience with this brand.