“I think fifi will be welcomed in Turkey with open arms.”

fifi is a unique masturbator that combines functionality, effectiveness, hygiene, and discretion in impressive ways. EAN had covered the product launch in spring/summer of 2016, but some markets had to wait a little longer for fifi. Case in point, the masturbator is now making its debut in the Turkish market, courtesy of Sarper Company. Erman Sarac, founding partner of the Istanbul-based company, provides more information about the long way to launching fifi in Turkey in in our EAN interview.

Please, tell us about your company? Since when have you been active in the market, and what can you tell us about your operations?
Erman Sarac: Sarper Company was founded in 2016 with two name partners. Our company’s main field of operation is the export/import of cosmetics and food products. For instance, we have made certain investments in African countries concerning baby diapers and disposable under pads in the second and third quarter of 2017. Now, we are trying to enhance and grow our business connections with the companies that we’ve been working with.

Now, you are introducing the fifi masturbator to the Turkish market. Why did fifi catch your attention?
As a company, we were thinking of aiming our work at our home market. Since Turkey is a country which has a very broad range of products, it is only smart to make an investment when you have a unique product on hand, and fifi is one of those products. If I may summarise our connection with fifi: One day, while we were discussing ideas with my business partner on how to direct our investments towards the local market, we also discussed ideas concerning the market of sexual products and since we are a Muslim country, we wondered, would it be possible to make such an investment in Turkey. After some research, we came across Whizworx’ product called fifi and we were really fascinated by it. We are convinced that, with its functionality and simple and undisclosed design, fifi will attract the attention of the Turkish consumer.

What are the qualities of fifi that stuck out the most to you? Why do you think that this product can be a major success in Turkey?
Actually, one of the first things that really got us hooked about fifi is its simple, unique, and yet secretive design because anyone who is not accustomed to its purpose will not be able to tell that it is a sexual product. In Turkey, people are still having difficulty buying these products because they don’t want to have something so apparent lying around in their home.

fifi is now also available in Turkey

Are there already comparable products in the Turkish market? And, speaking of which, how are adult products presented and sold in Turkey?
In Turkey, these kinds of products were usually sold via erotic shops. In recent years, however, certain companies have also started selling online as well.

How open and accepting are the Turkish people when it comes to topics such as masturbation?
In Turkey, people live their sexuality in their private world and behind closed doors. Therefore, sexuality is not something that is often expressed in public. Under the influence of these customs, people believe that it would not be appropriate to have sexual conversations. Actually, it is difficult to do so in any Muslim country because people are more reserved and conservative when it comes to their sexuality. So, knowing your limits and acting accordingly is very important.

Originally, the plan had been to import fifi right from the producer, Whizworx, in the United States. However, that didn’t work out. Why not?
Yes. At first, we had numerous discussions with Whizworx regarding the import of the products. Because of the high tax tariffs, we decided to have some of the products produced in Turkey. We would like to extend a special thank you to Whizworx for letting us do so.

Now, you have decided to produce fifi right there, in Turkey. Does that mean that you are now a licensee?
Yes. But I also would like to point out that not all of the products will be produced in Turkey. Some of them will be imported via our suppliers. In brief, as Sarper, we hold the rights to fifi in Turkey. We also have a special agreement with Whizworx. Therefore, I can only tell this much since its all confidential information.

Was it difficult to find a producer to create fifi for you? And which versions of fifi do you produce?
We didn’t make any changes regarding fifi’s shape and appearance. However, we sent out samples to test the people’s reaction to the product and to get some feedback. We have discussed this feedbacks with Whizworx and told them that we would like to make a small adjustment to fifi for the Turkish market. Whizworx saw our point and let us implement the necessary adjustment. At this point, maintaining both company’s interests is very important for us.

Erman Sarac, founding partner of Sarper Company, which was launched in 2016

Which channels of distribution will you use to get fifi to the people? Will the products be available in retail stores (brick and mortar/online), or will you sell them directly to the consumers?
Even though we are working on limited grounds, we believe in the power of social media and are thinking of using it. But with regard to the limitations, there are also sanctions regarding how much we can show on social media in terms of pornographic images. Therefore, we have to pursue a clever strategy. But I am confident that, with patience and dedication, we can achieve many great things in the long run. At first, we will focus the marketing for the product on its own website. In time, we are also planning to work with shopping websites. We are still in the process of establishing new projects in this regard.

Is there a specific target audience you want to cater to? And how do you intend to create attention for fifi?
Frankly speaking, the target audience for the product will be young men, age 18 to 25. But of course, this is just a broad projection, it is not possible to exactly gauge the age range of users. As I said before, social media is very important, and we have to use its power wisely. I think fifi will be welcomed in Turkey with open arms.

Are there already plans to import other adult products to Turkey?
At the moment, regarding this sector, we are focusing on the fifi brand, and if we were to add to that, we would be of doing it under the same name. Once we have established the product, we will also be open for new ideas to grow our product range. But as I said, for now, our number one priority is to make sure that the product becomes a long-lasting success in Turkey.