“I wanted to make a difference and promote self-confidence through a healthy sexual life.”

It’s about time the language of love got a modern update. Véronique Verreault, a native of French Canada and founder of Miss VV’s Mystery, is spicing up sex tech with Miss On The Go, a vibrating kegel toy that’s unlike anything else in the crowded couples’ vibe niche. Verreault’s invention connects to a smart phone app, features several vibration modes for wireless solo or couples’ play, and looks like a luxury set of kegel balls, but that’s where any similarity to your run-of-the-mill app vibes ends. Taking a cue from popular dating app Tinder, Miss On The Go gives female users complete sexual freedom, even if they’re single and still seeking that special someone to take control of their vibrator app. Log on to MOTG’s online feature and you can connect with anonymous users to exchange conversation, photos, and, if you so decide, the chance to take the reigns of your self-love session. When you’ve found the chosen one among MOTG’s list of profiles, you can give their sexual skills a test run before you even exchange names by allowing them access to the toy’s range of vibration speeds and patterns. You can offer your remote lover little hints and tricks to get you off via the app’s messenger, or see if they’re savvy enough to figure out your turn-ons on their own. I chatted with Véronique Verreault while she prepped for the New York City SEX Expo from her condo in Montreal, Quebec. This business woman is on a mission to not just empower women, but inspire them to paint the town red with public displays of pleasure.

What inspired you to create a sex toy in the first place, and what did you hope to contribute to the pleasure industry?
Véronique Verreault: I wanted to make a difference and promote self-confidence through a healthy sexual life. I always strive to push myself, push my limits, and accomplish a project where I knew I could truly make a difference and start a movement as well; a movement to encourage women from all over the world to take charge of their sexuality and have no shame when it comes to sex toys! I’ve been using sex toys for so long – solo, duo and so on. I know how much it helped me know myself better and bring so much joy and happiness into my life, so why not create one of my own?

What was your career path before launching Miss VV’s Mystery, and how did your past lead up to the launch of your own sex toy company?
Administration and hospitality management. I studied hotel management before and wanted to own and run my own hotel. When I started working in the field, I realized it wasn’t for me. So I kept studying in the field of management while working in a school in administration. One day I had my LELO kegel balls inside me and I was sexting someone and abracadra! That’s how Miss On the Go was born in my head.

I also had a creative side I needed to express. I performed as a belly dance artist for 2 years! That was my funky, sensual side that I was letting out during the weekend. I was busy back then! I worked full time, attended University four nights per week, and did belly dance Friday and Saturday. I managed to get my BAC degree in Management at the end and I was so proud. I went to get the tools to help me create my business! Management is vast, and that’s what I like about it. I hate doing the same thing over and over again. It’s boring and doesn’t keep me interested. Running Miss VV’s Mystery is far from boring!

Miss On the Go is a combination of vibrator and Kegel exercise device for women that’s controlled through a mobile app, either by the woman, their partner, or a mystery partner via the social networking feature

What’s been the reaction to Miss On The Go, which is essentially like Twitter meets phone sex?
Controversial! Some love the idea and find it brilliant, others don’t see the point of even using a sex toy. It’s sad when I hear men asking, ‘What pleasure will I get?’ My answer is, ‘Your woman is about to have fun and enjoy herself, dumbass!’ I don’t even waste my time with those questions anymore. I shut their mouths by telling them, ‘Happy wife, happy life.’ A real man knows this. And if you feel threatened by a sex toy, learn to love your penis or get out. Ciao, bye! Haha! That attitude is such a turn-off. This just part of the sex education we have to spread around. But most of the time, men are excited and want their partner to have fun at work and public places! Lesbians love my concept, too. I have a very strong feminist approach. Single ladies go nuts with this thing (in a good way)!

When I attend trade shows in the industry, the crowd is of course intrigued! So I have lots of positive feed back from B2B shows. When I go to mainstream events and mix with a more ‘regular’ type of crowd, well, it’s controversial again, but I focus on those who are interested. When I get the arms-crossed type of reaction, I move on very fast. If you’re not happy, look somewhere else, that’s it. When I get the ‘OH MY GOD THAT’S AMAZING!’ type of reaction, it’s a real pleasure sharing all about it with them. I think my approach has a lot to do with it. I’m a very humble person full of energy, so people are comfortable talking to me and realize how much sex toys are important and can make a difference in their life!

How do most customers prefer to use MOTG – alone as a vibrator and kegel-ciser, or with a partner or stranger online?
The particularity with my product is the app that brings an added oomph. The game really amazes my customers. They love the fact that I mix an important aspect of sexual health – toning your pelvic muscles – with fun through the game. Some of them were afraid of playing with strangers and to those, I tell them, you don’t have to be! You can always turn off the option in the app to play with strangers if it really makes you feel uncomfortable. Listen to yourself and respect your decisions. That’s also the basis of any sexual experience – to listen to your needs and not put pressure on yourself.

The swingers are extremely fun people to talk with. I have great feedback and kinky stories from them!I also have first time sex toy users and I feel honored when this happens. They chose my creation to improve their sex life – wow! One of my best friend keeps using Miss On the Go while having sex to stimulate her clitoris. My other close friend used it after she gave birth as a tool to re-tone her vagina and have her boyfriend control it while he was at work. Some like to use it during foreplay together in public places with the app. From all the feedback I have, it seems like most of my customers are really living up to the name ‘Miss On the Go.’ They go to work with it or do their chores and errands while having it inside of them, and they just love playing!

What has been your most memorable experience using MOTG?
Haha! Well, it’s more of an emotional moment during the creation process. I finally had prototype X working and was able to control it with the app inside of me without constant disconnections like I used to experience. This is all very normal when you create a new product and have lots of R&D to go through. I was very emotional and proud.
There’s a funny story that happened in China while testing the devices and the signal. They were showing me how far the signal could go, but I needed to test it inside of me to make a conclusion. I don’t think they thought I was going to be game to just go into the bathroom, put a condom on the tester, and bam! Here we go, let’s test this thing right now! It didn’t connect inside of me at that point in R&D, but I was able to show them the importance of testings.

Véronique Verreault at the SexTech Hack-a-thon event in New York

Who are some of your pleasure industry role models who have helped shape your career here?
LELO in terms of quality and branding. I got inspired by many brands to create my product, but LELO in particular. Suki from Ohmibod is very inspiring, too, as well as Shunga. I became friends with founder Manon Vallée and Linda, their main sales rep, from Québec, my hometown. My packaging is inspired from Shunga’s packaging.

The further I get into the industry, the more my network expands and the more we’re able to help each other. I collaborate closely with my distributors and boutiques and take their comments and suggestions into real consideration. I also have an incredible support from them and I’m grateful.

I also adore the Women of Sex Tech group, where we all fuckin’ rock and push each other up. I’m just in love with that group, especially my girl, Bryony Cole. She’s very influential in the Sex Tech industry and I’m proud of her. We recently collaborated for her SexTech Hack-a-thon event in New York.

What’s the attitude toward sex and sex toys where you live in Montreal?
Open minded. Montreal is very open to culture and liberated women, men, trans people, non-binary people – everyone! We have many sex shops, swinger bars, and an annual trade show initiated by Frank from Monde Ose, who also organized an erotic masked ball. MindGeek (Youporn) is also established in Montreal. I guess we’re naughty, haha! Sex toys are generally seen as fun and great for couples and singles. Of course in every city you have stubborn and stiff people with a broom up their ass, but generally speaking, Montreal is very responsive to sex toys and sex in general! C’est cochon!?

What’s next for Miss VV’s Mystery?
Survive, thrive and fly to the sky! I’ve had a lot of road blocks and bumps along the way running my own business, especially in the sex tech field as a woman, but I’m a fighter at heart and never give up my dreams. I’m seeking investors right now so I can take Miss VV’s Mystery to the next level and finally create a follow-up product to MOTG. As I finish this interview, I’m flying to NYC to exhibit at the SEX Expo, so with the support of this amazing industry, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Miss VV.