“If there is an opportunity, fifi will be there.”

Turkish company Sarper Overseas acquired the distribution and sales rights to the fifi brand – best-known for the unique fifi masturbator -, and has been marketing the brand worldwide, with the exception of the United States. Now, they present an improved version of the fifi masturbator, and their goal is to strengthen the presence of the brand in the European market. But that is only just the first step, as Erman Sarac, one of the founders of Sarper Overseas, explains in our EAN interview. For instance, new products such as underwear will be added to the brand next year.

Your company recently acquired the distribution rights for the fifi line for Europe. How come?
Erman Sarac: To be honest, it happened rather surprisingly. Sarper Overseas are dealing with FMCG business on an export basis. We sell food and cosmetics products from Turkey to many countries on different continents. One day, I had a meeting with my business partner and we decided to make an investment in a different sector. We focused on sexual life and began to search products like adult toys. At that point, my business partner found fifi and showed it to me. We believed in fifi’s potential and decided to get in contact with Whizworx in order to learn about terms & conditions. After some negotiations, we learned that they were looking to shut down fifi. Therefore, we decided to take over the sales rights for all around the world, except the USA.

What thrilled you about fifi? What makes it so special?
As you know, there are a lot of masturbators on the market. However, they all have the same shape and design. fifi’s design is unique; also, its appearance is reflecting the kind of discreetness that is ideal among these products. In short, fifi is different from all the others. And we are determined to establish fifi as one of the top brands.

“We are determined to establish fifi as one of the top brands.”

What successes have you achieved with fifi so far?
First of all, we have improved fifi technologically. In the previous versions of fifi, there were some quality and functionality issues. Due to our engineering studies, fifi is now more user-friendly and gives more satisfying pleasure to users.

The market is flooded with masturbators, which makes it difficult establish a new product. Do you agree with this statement?
Well, that is correct but nearly all other male masturbators have the same shapes. fifi is very different because of its discreet design. No one will get that it is a masturbator unless you tell them. Moreover, with its latest improvements, users will feel more intense orgasms and erections. So, this makes fifi unique among all its competitors.

Of course, the fifi brand is more than just a masturbator – which other products are part of the collection?
Yes, definitely! We have a lubricant selection. Our flavours are chocolate, vanilla, aloe vera, natural, and strawberry. Also, we are planning to expand fifi’s business scope to add products for women and underwear for men. In 2019, you will see the fifi underwear collection launch in several countries. We are already in the phase of finalising our deals with several wholesalers.

“In 2019, you will see the fifi underwear collection launch in several countries.”

The interaction between the different products of the fifi brand offers the opportunity for retailers to generate additional sales. Is that one of the benefits of your brand?
Yes. Our product requires the buyer to utilise disposable sleeves for one-time use. After using them, you need another sleeve. This is a big advantage for the retailer because you have a product that is being sold permanently. Let me describe this via a little example: You only need to buy a pen once, but you need the ink every time in order to write.

Are you interested in further expanding your sales network?
Sure. We are a very sales-oriented company. If there is an opportunity, fifi will be there. Currently, we are expanding our sales network in overseas countries such as South Africa, Kenya, and Kazakhstan.

Do you rely on distributors or do you also want to work directly with retailers?
To be honest, our aim is to work with wholesalers. As you know, fifi is a part of the Sarper Overseas company. We are mainly operating in FMCG business. fifi is another business scope for us. Since the very first day of Sarper Overseas, we have always been dealing with big wholesalers. We are looking to have big volumes. But at the end of the day, even one sale is a sale for us. All of our business partners are very valuable to us.

What do distributors and / or wholesalers have to bring to the table if they want to work with you?
For us, goals are important. We are looking for some annual targets. At the very least, potential business partners should show some eagerness concerning our product. If they do, we are ready to meet in the middle as long as conditions are fine.

Which potential do you see for fifi in Europe?
Unfortunately, the image of fifi in Europe is not excellent due to the previous version of the product. But the improved version of fifi is definitely winking at the European market. We are ready to give full support to our business partners from A to Z. The EU market is wide and open for a new product. So, if we get the chance to prove our new fifi in the European market, I’m pretty sure our product will capture the marketplace in a short time.

“We are ready to give full support to our business partners from A to Z.”

What can we expect from fifi in the upcoming months and years?
You can expect more products under the brand of fifi. In 2018, our biggest aim is to introduce fifi in new markets and also Europe. In 2019, new products such as underwear, female toys, and condoms will hit the shelves.

You are going to visit eroFame in October. What are your goals for the show? What expectations do you have regarding the trade fair in Hanover?
Well, I will be visiting this expo with my business partner. Our biggest aim is to promote the new fifi to big wholesalers. We know that we have to dispel the old conception of fifi in order to increase our business in the European market. We are going to visit all the booths one by one and present ourselves, our products, and our plans. Please, rest assured that new fifi is coming to the European market with big advantages and promotions.