Promo Picture of Satisfyer Pro 2

Jerome Bensimon presents Satisfyer Pro 2

For a long time, the market has been dominated by products that vibrate one way or the other, and chances are that these products will continue to play a very important role in the adult industry. However, there are also other technologies that can be harnessed for the purpose of sexual stimulation, and we are starting to see more of those. Satisfyer Pro 2 is a perfect example for this. Satisfyer Vice President of Sale Jerome Bensimon tells us more about the features of this novel sex toy.


What is the most unique characteristic that sets the Satisfyer Pro 2 apart from the competition? The pressure wave technology? Or the combination of pressure wave technology and water density?
Jerome Bensimon: Apart from the much lower price point difference from the competition Satisfyer Pro 2 is waterproof. According to many thousands review, women’s orgasms intensify under the water. This also leads to a much better hygiene safety as no liquid can get inside the device, so that could also be viewed as another unique characteristic.

For all those who don’t know the secret of this pressure wave technology: Why are pressure waves perfect for clitoral stimulation?
I don’t think there is any secret here. Our pressure wave technology perfectly stimulates women’s clitoris without any direct contact, so there is no loss of sensitivity as can be felt when there is a physical contact. This also helps the user reach multiple orgasms really fast. A real revolution is ahead in sexual wellness for women.

Promo Picture of Satisfyer Pro 2

Is the ˈera of the vibratorˈ coming to an end now that we see other stimulation technologies enter the market?
At Satisfyer we don’t think so. Like in every industry, research and development is essential to keep increasing the market’s volume and reach new, demanding customers. Changing colours and shapes won’t really answer that need.

Today, we are really proud to be among the leaders (already in volume) in this new pressure wave category with our own, self-developed technology, for which there is a gigantic market. Vibrators are also a market segment in which we are massively investing, both in patents and engineering, to develop our own partner toy. Also, we will present another new design of the Satisfyer and a men´s toy in the future.

What else can the Satisfyer Pro 2 do that other products can‘t do?
It’s waterproof and totally hygienic because no water or liquid can get inside the inner chamber, which makes Satisfyer Pro 2 extremely safe to use. Also, we offer the best price point in the market for a non-counterfeit product.

Which materials have been used to make sure the users can enjoy safe and carefree pleasure?
Since we really focus on the long term and volumes, we had our designers and engineers work closely together to conjugate high quality and design. It took 18 months to achieve the amazing results you can now see in Satisfyer Pro 2.

Only the best materials and components are used to ensure consumer safety. Medical grade silicone heads, the best and safest materials, and everything is developed, designed, and controlled in Germany.

Promo Picture of Satisfyer Pro 2

Target audiences are an important factor in the adult market. Most products, we are told, are perfect for couples. Who is the audience you want to appeal to with your Satisfyer Pro 2?
That will for be the audience to decide. Pleasure and sexual wellness are always perfect for couples and what Satisfyer Pro 2 offers women are intense and multiple orgasms that can be reached really quickly! Revolution is for everyone, women and couples can enjoy.

As can be seen from thousands of review we’ve collected since launch day, women are talking most about how this quick-performance device leads to excitation and intense stimulation within seconds.

Is it correct that you are looking to have the Satisfyer Pro 2 technology patented? Why do you want to take this time-consuming and costly step?
We wouldn’t be taken seriously if we invested so much time and money in research and development and then have no desire to patent our technology! And we wouldn’t be taken seriously either if we did not take every possible legal actions against anyone who infringes against out patents, anywhere in the world.

Are there plans to use the pressure wave technology for other products as well? Or have you exhausted the potential of this technology with the Satisfyer?
It’s too soon to talk about that. We are not ready to share our secrets yet.

Where can the trade get the Satisfyer Pro 2? Which European distributors carry the product?
We’ve just introduced Satifsyer Pro 2 last month and launched simultaneously in the USA and Europe. In Europe most key distributors have approached us to become distributor as they have immediately seen the potential of our product in today’s market, seeing as many cost way too much, missing most of potential end customers.

Now it is time for volume and growth for this new category of toys. Since our list of partners is growing and we want to cover all European territories, I invite your readers to contact our sales team at

Do you offer POS materials for the retail trade?
Yes, and in addition to tens of thousands of free Satisfyer Pro 2 samples provided to all our distributors and their retail teams (at least 2 per store), we are now sending to every partners a counter display including one Satisfyer Pro 2 tester, beautifully designed in Germany, manufactured in Europe, and free of charge – for end customers to touch and feel the product at store level.

Promo Picture of Satisfyer Pro 2

How should retailers present the product in brick and mortar stores and online shops in order to achieve the best-possible sales and success?
Education is the key, as always, and there is no better way to convince store staff than allowing them to try Satisfyer Pro 2 themselves to measure its efficiency. That is also the reason why we are devoting a big part of our marketing and education budget to give away free samples to our partners.

In addition to our videos in 8 languages, available on our website, we also supply all retailers with a design counter display and one free tester, completely free of charge.

To illustrate what I am talking about when I say staffs in stores receive a Satisfyer Pro 2 as a gift, here’s an email received from a store manager in one of the largest retail chains in the USA: “Just wanted to share that we are having a phenomenal reaction to the Satisfyer Pro 2. We sold 4 last night 7 today during day shift and another 2 tonight so far. Have never seen the staff this excited about a product. They are sharing that excitement with customers. Staff are comparing with each other to see who had the quickest orgasm with the Satisfyer Pro 2. Quickest here apparently is 50 seconds. They are talking about the product any chance they get.”

Although a lot of time and work went into the development of the pressure wave technology, you offer the Satisfyer Pro 2 at a very affordable price. But does this price also allow for a decent margin for the retailers and the distributors/wholesalers?
This is the basis of our sales strategy! As you probably know, the person behind Satisfyer is an international investor who has already successfully launched and sold brands such as Baci Lingerie and ovo in our industry. In addition, he is also the sole owner of the largest online erotic store with over 7 million repeating customers which means there are people with extensive experience on both sides.

We prefer to talk about a fair price rather than calling our products affordable because affordable is a variable depending on customers’ income. Same goes for margin: We took the option to work on a really low margin as a manufacturer and focus on volume. For that to succeed, we all have to do our part, making sure the end customers are happy and buy more units at stores level.

We’ve also guaranteed all of our partners, wherever they are, to sell at the exact same price point, allowing them to wholesale to retailers at the exact same price as well. Our suggested wholesale price, as advertised everywhere, is €29.95. We know what margin retailers need and we offer them what they need to generate the right profit in %, while also guaranteeing a reasonable price for end customers.