Jessica Drake

“At the core of the line is confidence, communication, and consent.”

Jessica Drake ranks among the best-known faces in the adult industry. Be it in front of, or behind the camera, there are few performers who have won as many awards as she has throughout her illustrious career. Jessica has used this popularity to launch a DVD series, “Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex”, the intention being to give the viewers tips and advice on how to make their sex life better, safer, and more diverse. In our interview, she tells us why this project is so dear to her and what the viewers can expect from Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex DVDs.


For more than four years, you have been the host of the ”Guide to Wicked Sex“. For the benefit of those who have never seen one of the DVDs, could you tell us what they are about?
Jessica Drake: I created Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex to be a special kind of educational hybrid. Not only are they factually accurate and quite specific when it comes to things like anatomy and explanations of the ways our bodies work, they’re also modern and sexy. People can watch them alone or with a partner to learn about certain kinds of sex, or improve on the sex they’re having.

Why did you decide to start a series of guides?
Being a Wicked contract star enables me to travel all over the world, meeting fans and talking to them. A little over five years ago, I began to realise that most people don’t get the sex ed they need as they grow up. As a result, they apply what they see in porn movies to their own sex lives- not understanding the difference between porn for fantasy versus how that may actually translate to the sex they might have.

One very specific reason I decided to create the Guides was a woman in her 40s confiding in me she “didn’t think” she had ever had an orgasm. She had been with her partner for over 10 years- and he thought whatever he was doing was getting her off every time. By faking her orgasms, she was essentially teaching him how NOT to get her off. She needed to be more comfortable with her body before sex could ever get better for them together. Every time I teach any type of class or workshop, I talk about how most women- over 80% of us- orgasm via clitoral stimulation alone. Most women are relieved to find this out- many men are astounded. I attribute this in part to the “spontaneous” orgasms we see in porn.

Since you are an adult performer, making educational videos about sex seems like a logical step. What else makes you the perfect hostess for these shows?
I don’t think that doing porn is what qualifies me to create, direct, and write these movies at all, however, porn has given me a name and a certain degree of celebrity status so that I have a large fan base and a platform to teach from. I have had training, and I continue to advance my knowledge of sexuality. I learn right along with my audience, and I am constantly trying to make the line inclusive for everyone- every ethnicity, every body type, all ages, everyone needs pleasure based, shame free sex ed!

I learn right along with my audience, and I am constantly trying to make the line inclusive for everyone- every ethnicity, every body type, all ages, everyone needs pleasure based, shame free sex ed!”

So, when I buy one of the DVDs, what can I expect to see and to learn? Is there a certain structure each guide follows?
Each one follows a very specific formula. I narrate each volume. I begin with an introduction about the topic, then I do interviews with the performers on the topic, then in between me teaching techniques, there are demonstrations of each thing. I like to start slowly and work my way up. Following the body of the movie, there are three hardcore sex scenes that you can watch with or without my narration. If you want more instruction, you would watch them with my commentary on, but if you just want to watch them to see the sex, you can do that too.

Could you give us an example of the tips, tricks, and techniques that are presented in the guides?
At the core of the line is confidence, communication, and consent. Beyond any “tip or trick” I could ever teach, these things are truly the basis for better sex. We can’t rely solely on the ability or prowess of our partners for pleasure. Even if they are fantastic lovers, they are not mind readers. We have to get to know ourselves first, understand how our bodies work, love our bodies- only then can we relate that to our lovers. I teach things like the importance of lube and other aspects of safety, as well as more specific things like how to enjoy anal sex.

What type of audience do you want to reach with this series? Are you also reaching a lot of people who do not fall into the category ”average porn consumer“?
These movies are for anyone over 18 looking to explore sex, have better sex, try new things, or just learn more about things they’re curious about.
I do reach a much broader audience than people who are porn fans. At the same time, we have to acknowledge that these days, there is no such thing as an “average porn consumer”. We can’t generalise anyone’s viewing preferences based on their gender or age. I feel that people like what people like. It’s very individualised. We need to challenge the narrative that mandates men prefer harder, raunchier porn and that women love romance and instead give people the space to find what they enjoy. Sexuality is such a fluid thing.

These movies are for anyone over 18 looking to explore sex, have better sex, try new things, or just learn more about things they’re curious about.”

Which topics are discussed in the movies? How do you pick a topic?
So far, I have covered Fellatio, Positions, Anal, Female Masturbation, G Spot and Female Ejaculation, Anal Play for Men, Threesomes, Woman to Woman, Foreplay, The Art of Strip Tease, Plus Size Sex, Satisfy Her Like A Legend, BDSM for Beginners, and Kama Sutra.

I choose topics based partially on my own personal motivation, feedback I get from viewers on what they’d like to see, and of course, I consider topics that I believe have the potential to sell to a large market.

You are also offering courses and roundtable discussion in the context of the guides. How should I envision such an event? Can they also be booked in Europe and how much would it cost a store?
I do my Guide to Wicked Sex workshops all over the world, I also host them in private venues, at conventions, in adult stores, and there are plans to possibly host them online. I also speak at universities. Contact information is on my website.

Jessica Drake
To date, Jessica Drake has launched more than a dozen films in the “Guide to Wicked Sex” series

Are there POS materials or other promotional items for retailers who want to promote your guides?
We offer a beautiful display that holds ten titles, and I can also consult with retailers on how to cross promote the Guides with other adult products and the Wicked Sensual Care Collection- our amazing line of luxury lubes- for better sales results.

Are there translated versions of the guides for non-English-speaking markets in Europe?
This is something we are getting many requests for, and we are looking at our options now.

Will there be more episodes in the future? Are there topics you’d love to talk about?
Yes, I am continuously envisioning new titles. Kama Sutra was released just last week, I plan on doing Sensual Massage, a Guide for Toys, Sex and Aging, Swinging, and many, many more.