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Looking for a boost in the bedroom? Feeling like the daily rush and stress is taking away your sex drive and libido letting intimacy with the partner take a backseat? Or simply searching for a new experience to spice up your erotic life? Welcome to the world of aphrodisiacs, the sampling of DO ME.

Do Me will be launched in the first quarter of 2018 but the sampling action is starting in July. Why is this?
Vasil Tuchev: Before I briefly share the obstacles of the fascinating journey that brought us to the sampling, I would like to kindly thank you for inviting us again to EAN in order to connect with our distribution network.

There have been three main reasons for the Do Me delay. The first challenge relates to the packaging quality. Do Me uses an aluminium bottle with a soft-touch coating technology, requiring special caps. The initial supplier of caps faced supply chain challenges and was unable to meet production requirements necessitating a last minute change in partner. The second roadblock applies to the legal status of Do Me. Gaining some market insights prior to the initiation of Do Me operations relating to the complexity of the registration systems among the countries, demonstrated the need to keep Do Me in a form of a drink and not a food supplement. This entailed a complex process requiring patience and strong nerves in dealing with bureaucracy. The last challenge concerns the machine errors during the testing. The brand-new line for Do Me is a most recent addition to our manufacturing capabilities. While aiming for the highest quality possible we needed time to get the machines and staff performing optimally.

In conclusion, I can say that our issues were mainly around the packaging rather than the product itself, but we are extremely excited to finally start with mass production reaching an output efficiency of 6000 bottles per hour. Plenty bottles ready to be produced and send out upon order.


Before we move on to the sampling review and what the distributors received from Do Me, could you please remind our readers what is Do Me?
Do Me, is a unisex aphrodisiac drink of 60ml that enhances sexual desire and stimulates body and mind! Do Me is 100% natural and vegetarian with no preservatives or artificial colouring and it’s safe to use even in combination with alcohol.

 “DO ME is a love drink in a herbal shot of 60ml. that stimulates the body and mind bringing fun & happiness to peoples’ lives.”


But what exactly happens after the consumption?
The drink works on the cardiovascular systems of both men and women, helping to achieve the desired orgasm. With man the effect is much easier to observe whereas with woman it helps to activate and magnify the orgasm up to 9 times. The formula is triggered by the sense of touch so a sexual stimulation must be present.

Our research has shown that the experience of Do Me differs from person to person depending highly on his/her willingness and the level of acceptance to experience something new. ‘Letting go’ of our daily struggles and stress (number 1 sex disablers) is factored by the level of relaxation we are able to achieve once an intimate scene takes place. Sharing a night of Do Me tasting to achieve sexual fulfilment has a fun factor, a discovery of something new and exciting. The unique combination of Do Me formula provides an intriguing rush intensifying each touch during the foreplay and boosting the energy level to a stage of complete ecstasy. It is a zip of passion that empowers erotic life, helping couples to succeed in achieving a mutual sexual satisfaction.


Please tell us more about the ongoing sampling action?
First of all, we have to say that we are very proud to get to this point. It has been a challenging journey that begins right now. At this point, I would like to thank the whole team for the joint efforts and every day enthusiasm in bringing our offering to the market. We also would like to thank Cobeco Pharma for their continuous support and knowledge sharing regarding the new industry we entered, the Adult Store market.

We launched Do Me in the second part of July by contacting the wholesalers, mainly our contacts from eroFame 2017. Our sampling packages contain two basic offerings of Do Me. Do Me single usage package and Do Me 6-pack more suitable for a week’s supply with one day rest and parties. Our offering also includes a luxurious packaging version for a single usage and double Do Me set in elegant box that could be used as a small gift for a night of sexual indulgence.

Outside of the product itself, we provide the price offering for wholesalers, a newsletter explaining the vision, online & offline Point of Sale (POS) items as well as an experience survey for a review of our efforts by our clients. POS have a high-end eye-catchy design in line with the product vision. We encourage you to view our commercials suitable for different communication channels such as social media or webpages on the www.do-me.net.

All items are ready to deliver to support Do Me positioning in our wholesalers’ distribution pipelines. That’s not the end. Our creative team is busy everyday meeting the requests and suggestions of our potential partners, so we are eager to hear what kind of POS are most effective in your channel in order to educate the end consumers and trigger their product interest.

Packaging and POS available at the moment in English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Polish. More languages upon client request.


What are the next stages for Do Me?
We will be busy with the distribution channels until the eroFame 2018 in October. This first quarter of Do Me’s expansion to the Adult Store market and its outcome will be a very important factor in determining allocation of our further efforts. We predict to collect enough market knowledge and response in order to review the strategy and make necessary adjustments according to the wishes of our distribution network. Without communicating prices, we already visited some of the sex shops supplied by the wholesalers known to EAN to test the response to the product. The outcomes were extremely positive so now we are waiting for the evaluation at the end of Do Me roll out Phase I, supported by the results of eroFame 2018. Do Me roll out Phase II, on the other hand, will aim to help our distribution network to position Do Me in their business network via a variety of different campaigns and promotions. We are open to participate financially in the marketing efforts of our serious partners in trade delivering a Creative on-side team to back even the most challenging project.

Do Me roll out Phase II is highly customer-centric in order to set strong fundaments for Do Me brand. Phase II will also include special offers for Christmas with different bottle designs to match the occasion.


You mentioned eroFame 2018. Are you planning to exhibit there this year?
Of course. We were extremely happy from the results of last year. Not only the reaction to our innovation but the willingness of the businesses around to share their knowledge with us, provide advice and tips, a lot of which we used during the development stage before launching. Once again, we would like to thank our visitors from last year for their generous contributions and invite any interested company to connect with us during the eroFame 2018! I would say – join our growing DO Me community! The best is yet to come!
You can find us in the booth 135 B. Do Me’s enthusiastic team will make sure to answer all your questions. If you would like to make an appointment to ensure we have the time to discuss Do Me partnership in details, please contact Mrs. Marta Kusiak: marta.kusiak@do-me.net or +31643212149.